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  1. Still looking… don’t want a project or something that needs finished.
  2. As per title, for the right car, I have £15k to spend. Please get in touch.
  3. Jordan

    VR6 Badge

    Rear badges from a VR6 Highline. Genuine VW items, I removed them about 10 years ago and kept them locked away in garage. Offers £££
  4. Desperately trying to locate a good 3dr mulberry Highline, modified or standard.
  5. When driving and accelerating between 4-4400 Revs the engine just instantly stops accelerating but will slowly creep up, its really starting to annoy me... any ideas?
  6. Done it a few times now, when I give it some mid range revs from cold it cuts out, and wont start unless I pump the accelerator and even then it reluctantly starts and when it does its very lumpy, but I turn it off and do it a couple more times it runs fine. Any ideas?
  7. Hello, Both my ABS Warning Light and Handbrake Light are on all the time, ive checked the brake fluid level and handbrake switch and both are fine... Ive been told it could just be my sensors causing both faults but then ive also been told it could be my ABS Control Module, anyone had similar problems or could help? They both started at different times and were intermittant to start. Thanks, Jordan
  8. lol @ TheGoth I cant beat Scooby's yet... When im a little older, I may get a turbo for my VR!
  9. You aint gonna win me over lol Im not putting it down the strip!
  10. lol I do give it a thrash, but when out on open roads and when people try to race me, so I show them the true power of the VR! (H)
  11. Its a future classic I reckon, so im not gonna ruin it
  12. I never ran lol My car is too good to run the strip, 3dr Mulberry Highline with 66k on the clock, I doubt I will find another one out there like it.
  13. It was cr*p to say the least!
  14. I will be down later in my VR!!!
  15. Stealth, The Phirm and Midland VW are all a trek away... I will contact Cooks tomorrow, if not its going into Crowson. I could do it myself but VR6's are highly desirable with a Full Service History, and its got one already so im sticking with it. Does anyone know exactly what grade of oil a 1997 VR6 Highline would use?
  16. I phoned Jabba for a quote on a Service, they want £250! (Unsure what that comprises of) VW 2000 want £150! (Oil, All filters, Brake check and adjust etc) And Crowson VW in Spalding want £180 (Just for Oil and Filter Change)
  17. Cheers for the help guys... FlyingAnt have you used VW 2000 before? or Jabba? Ive fallen in love and I dont want any old garage having my VR.
  18. Im looking to get my VR6 Highline serviced, but unsure where to go... I will be contacting a VW Main Dealer for a price tomorrow but I just wondered if anyone knew of a Specialist in the Peterborough area?
  19. So you can't push the stalk away from you twice? I thought you pushed it away once, it clicked into position for intermitant and then you push and hold further for the Wash Wipe... So basically you push the stalk back, it sqirts a little and bounces back to original position, then to turn it off you push it back again (Sqirting a little) and it stops?
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