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  1. please close admin. part found many thanks

    I might be after a front cross member if it's still up for grabs?
  2. Starting problem?

    Did you ever find the answer to this problem? I've had the same issue for about 3 years and tried allsorts but to no avail! Cheers
  3. Hi All I've just started a new auction site which gives you a free basic listing and very reasonable final value fees. A friend of mine who owns one of the biggest motorcycle breakers in the UK was complaining how expensive ebay was so I decided to throw something together! I'm hoping it should grow quite quickly and would appreciate you taking the time to have a look at it and maybe even list your ads on there (hey, the listing is free and the FVF are cheaper than ebay's so what do you have to lose?) Any suggestions in making the site more user friendly are greatly appreciated! http://www.motobid.co.uk Remember, if your item doesn't sell - you don't lose a penny! Also, a voucher code to get all the upgraded listing features for free: aa34c6c0c53f Thanks!
  4. Just below the reservoir mate, confusing both of us again but it is on the master cylinder (I've just had a look) Here is the pic:
  5. I couldn't do that because my VAG-COM won't talk to ABS (my ABS is fooked somewhere along the lines) it's another job to add to the list I guess!
  6. Yeah, after just bleeding the calipers the brakes were firm until the car fired up then they went soft, now after bleeding the reservoir everything is firm again. You having similar probs?
  7. Sorry mate, im being retarded - I meant to say brake fluid reservoir but i've repeatedly said master cylinder! Bleeding the reservoir is what cured it for me
  8. Ah sorry mate, I may have confused you a bit; the ABS can only be bled through the VAG-COM electronically as far as I am aware. I originally throught my problem was to do with this after bleeding all calipers, as it turned out I'd just missed a bleed valve on the hose connected to the brake fluid reservoir which has about 6mm head, bled that as you generally would and my brake pedal was firm again!
  9. Hi all Could anyone recommend a decent & reasonably priced place to get diagnostics on my ABS done? Just got it through the MOT by pulling the LED out but would prefer it working my cheapo vag-com from ebay just gives me 'Too many communication errors' so i'm hoping a more professional vag-com might tell me what is at fault! Thanks
  10. Just to reply to my own question, I hadn't realised there was a bleed nipple under the brake fluid reservoir, bled that and all is sweet again!
  11. Hi All Have just recently replaced my rear bushes (won't be doing that job again in a hurry...) and decided to replace all my rear brake hoses too, The problem is that I can't seem to get the brakes bled at all! They feel firm until the car is started then they go to sh*t. Another problem I have is that my ABS is more temperemental than my missus and as a result, I cannot get my vag-com to speak to it in order to bleed the ABS. The VAG-COM (ebay job) comes back with "Too many communication errors" which is extremely helpful. I notice there are bleed valves on the ABS, can I bleed them manually at alland if not, do you know how I can get around the "Too many communication errors" problem? Thanks for having the patience to read my rambling post and your help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Cheers for the quick reply, the car has done 144,000 and it only really occurs when the car starts from cold, I have changed the ECT sensor and fuel pressure regulator amongst a few other things. Its more an irritation than a big problem but i've just had to get a new starter motor because of the stress it has had on that! Ta
  13. Hi All I have been doing some diagnostics on a problem i've had for about 2 years and never sussed, the car can take about 20-30 secs to start when cold and is a pain in the arse, I have tested the fuel pressure with a gauge today and noticed that the pressure drops over the course of an hour or so which makes me think it's some kind of non-return valve. The only problem being... I'm not sure where the valve is, is it part of the pump? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  14. Electric window not working

    I just paid £30+VAT for a 2nd hand motor + regulator from http://www.cartransplants.co.uk the 5 door are the same as 3 door and it takes about 20 mins to fit!