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  1. snares123

  2. vr6 now for sale £1900

    here here so anybody want it now???
  3. vr6 now for sale £1900

    needs to go as moving house.is bloody stupid its a mint car and is sound throughout, plus its real cheap!!
  4. vr6 now for sale £1900

    got it from ebay £12 was quite good quality from germany!for 12 if it breaks aint gonna loose sleep over it.now for sale with car anyone interested??£1900 07766546490
  5. Accelerator pedal.

    if the squeek was when you pull away in first, it could be gear box mountings sumtimes these split and as the car produces more torque in first the montings move and squeek, dont know it this would move the pedal but very likely could do. a good way to test is go up a steep hill stick it in first and pull away see how she sounds. or have a look if you know what your doing!!
  6. My mulberry highline

    change IMG to img jus make it smaller!!
  7. vr6 now for sale £1900

    cheers steve, yours looks a mint aswell!!
  8. vr6 now for sale £1900

    cheers fellas not bad for a 5 min job!!
  9. there was a topic where someone on here was selling one, had photos.look in sale section mite still be there!!
  10. as promised with new grill, clean, and with a super digi cam!! any comments welcome!!
  11. debadge grill???

    i still cant decide!! broke it when taking it off so guess its stayin off now!!!!
  12. debadge grill???

    thanks for the comments lads ive taken it off for now!! anyone else got any views on the subject??
  13. 0-60 best time to change gear?

    why not go rolling road and find out???
  14. debadge grill???

    fitted my debadge grill looks cool but still cant decide to keep the vr6 badge on it or not??? i got it on at the mo but dnt know if i should take it off??? opinions plz!!! 2 slat debadge if that helps!!
  15. My Voora

    nice looking car you got there, nice condition