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  1. nice one, forget to mention it has a cat1 full close alarm as well Thanks guys Piccy here of my members rides post
  2. Jusrt devloped a groaning noise - almost like a stretching cable noise or something coming from the passenger side wheel area whn I turn the steering wheel, it does this both whilst driving and whilst still. Any ideas?
  3. Thats sounds ok, anybody else have their 2p?
  4. Notg sure what was std but it's got 8 factory fitted speakers and a multichanger in the boot as well
  5. Been offered a mint 2000 W a4 1.8T quattro sport and thinking seriously about buying her. I've got a 97p VR6, Dragon Green with a full VAG service history and 79k. It's just had a 80k service and ful mot where every brake pipe was changed (ouch) It's completely standard and since i've had it (19 months or so) i've done the following as well as the servicing and MOT: Oil Cooler Thermostwat Water Pump Plugs Coil Pack Tensioner Bearing changed Also it has good tires all round Bad points: Rust bubble on drivers side wheel arch small dint on the back right hand side just above the bumber (total mystery) Drivers seat a little worn. This car has been looked after and never neglected. What do you reckon she is worth? All in all not bad for 10 years old.
  6. Got the part for £40 inc vat from local Seat dealership getting done on Wednesday. Cheers guys
  7. Aye it's defo the water pump, going left to right and making a racket! Couln't be a worse time to happen the missus just gone into labour!! Going to be driving a 1l pug an hour away to the hospital now!! argh.
  8. Thanks guys, which one do you rekon it is? Water pump or tensioner? What the easiest way to find out?
  9. Hi guys, My VR6 developed a squeak last year and I got my mechanic to stick a new ribbed belt, new bearing and grease it up per here http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?155363 Since then she has been fine up until a few weeks back when if it was raining I would get a bit of a squeal or two when I started up, then it would then be fine once I had done a few miles. Now all of a sudden its gotten a lot worse and I sounds like a constant rattle/drone from the right side of the engine when driving and ticking over. I popped the bonnet and had a look and it seems the one of the pullys is wobbling from side to side on tick over - I take it thats it on its way out? I think its the pully which is attached to the belt tensioner unit but it might be the one below that one, will need to double check tomorrow. Whats the best way to fix this guys? Part numbers? Cheers JP
  10. thanks boys will take on board she due a service in jan so fingers crossed
  11. Fuel Tank Capacity!!!!!!

    I get about 40-45 quid in when empty and get about 60 miles per £10 which is poor!!
  12. Got a stuck thermostwat about 6 months ago and got a local mechanic to replace it and ever since the car is using about 1litre of coolant every 5 weeks or so, I cant remember ever having to top it up before!! Now could it be engine damage caused by the overheat when the themostwat jammed? Or could it be a little leak? The thing is the mechanic reckons he cant see a leak which is a bit worrying. Done about 3-4k since with no other problems except a coil pack and plugs.... Any ideas? Could do with getting it sorted since I need to keep blinking cooland in the boot all the time.