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  2. How much Hp and torque OEM clutch hold? Do you have knowledge to F1 racing clutch kit?
  3. I bought my 248 schrick cams here http://www.ls-cartec.de/ Them cost 659 € ref.no.: 0268L1481-00 and 0268R1481-00 (left and right bank) opening duration intake/exhaust: 248°/260° peak timing: 113° lift int/exh.: 10.2mm/11.2mm
  4. Vortech V-1

    Can you say how much quieter v-2 is. My V-1 is new about 1000 Km drived and very noisy.
  5. Vortech V-1

    Do you know how much quieter V-2 is than V-1? My V-1 is very noisily. Is it possible fit V-2 parts in my V-1 and how much parts cost?
  6. Ok. Thank´s to you. What is problem than fault code is "00553 Mass air flow sensor (G 70)short to ground". How I can find where is fault?
  7. AMS http://www.advancedmotorsport.com/site/main.htm
  8. Vag-com got this fault code "00513 Engine speed sensor (G 28)". Where is this sensor? Second fault code is "00553 Mass air flow sensor (G 70)short to ground". I have new MAF but fault code is still. What is wrong? This faults comes after that I fitted AMS supercharger kit.
  9. My car is golf vr6 syncro variant 1995 OBD1. My maf code is 021 906 462. OBD2 maf code is 021 906 462 A. Can I fit this maf to my car? Does it work with my car? My maf has 4 pins. How many pins is in 021 906 462 A ?
  10. where from can I buy Bosch red or green tops injectors? Does anyone have part numbers? My original injectors part number is 0280150953.
  11. C2 "30# High-Impedance Injectors" What is size this injectors? http://www.c2motorsports.net/fueling_kits.asp
  12. what is the size of the original injectors? And original cams?
  13. Nerih! Yes, I believe you. I will shortly come to England. Robert is cheat and chicken! I await agog that I meet Robert face to face. Do you come with me?