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  1. But I haven't been around for a while. Although I have met a few members at Santa Pod earlier in the year and at the rolling road day. Scuderia Goth currently consists of a VR6 Passat, which I use as a tow vehicle and accommodation when I go racing with 15° degree racing and the VWDRC. A VR6 Corrado which has had a starting issue for 2years or so. I hope to get it back on the road in July. And finally, my original dizzy VR6 Golf, in storage as the body is rotten but the engine is sound. Not sure how to add a picture using the mobile app. Will be making more apperances at show
  2. You going in the van Tony? Do I need to pack the bbq grills? I think I forgot to read the note I sent myself about cleaning them before storing in the back of my garage though.
  3. and if private turdises are available again. always worth the extra
  4. one VW ticket purchased, one VW car pass required please.
  5. Wooden spoon is usual. I've still got one from Cambs rolling road a few years back. But now I've fixed the lamda I'm hoping for better
  6. Go is as important a show. Mine hasn't got a straight panel on her. But she will be there. And frankly DLea's is a complete shed. Albeit a fast shed. the club stand is a good spot to park up while letting the car rest
  7. Well if the mythical 'rado is going, I'll be there just to see it. I'll be camping with the Leas
  8. Me. But I'm waiting to pay on the gate.
  9. sure do dave. very family friendly show club camping in preference to club stand. as i expect the usual array of non VRs from the owners ;-) . Oh, and red neck racing will be joining us, so 8 cars plus trailer and gaybo
  10. just Sat, Dave. Now the boys are back in town, is it worth getting club camping?
  11. I'm going to find my own way to the Pod
  12. I hadn't spotted that. Hope they haven't under estimated the amount of effluent that gets dropped off at Wellingborough Tescos
  13. Forecast is looking good, so count me and The Fab in. Might even quantify United Motorsports improvements.
  14. Oooops, too late. I'll book myself an early bird and give you the details so you can get a club pass for me. Sorry dude.
  15. too right, I miss the roar
  16. no hurry mate. I'm hoping when it gets warmer and she gets the chance to dry out the problem will fix itself. 100% its electrical
  17. or pursuade someone to come and have a look at Bex between now and then now who could do that ???? whats up with her ???? the miss-fire I was suffering from for most of last year has turned into a no fire
  18. or pursuade someone to come and have a look at Bex between now and then
  19. nope, bug jam is strictly VW, not VAG
  20. Mine failed at around 160-170K Actually it was the final stage amp, the black widget at the bottom of the coil. Can't say if it was the original. 16v coils will fit and work, as long as you find some shorter bolts.
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