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  1. Can anyone recommend a cheap coilover kit for a 1996 mk3 VR ? Need it before my VR bounces clean off the road at the next pothole !!! &| Cheers, Rob
  2. Leak coming from front Left

    Probably Coolant . - Check your radiator hoses for splits/leads
  3. Where has the Search feature gone ???
  4. I didn't get a manual for the Vr when I bought it. Does anyone know if there is an online or PDF one somewhere ? Or can anyone tell me how to rest the 'OEL' change indicatopor that comes up in the tripmeter window ?
  5. Coolant loss

    I seem to be losing coolant, but cannot see a leak anywhere - Could it be the blue cap on the expansion tank ? Am also losing oil, v slowly though, but it isn't a head gasket problem. Can anyone help ?
  6. Hazet Lead Removal Tool

    cant you just use a vstandard socket and extension bar?
  7. [poll] VR6OC Keyrings

    Design 2 for me too !
  8. Getting VR6 Keys cut

    Mister Minit want s £17.00 to cut a key !!!! (say they have to code a transponder) Is that the best price I'm going to get ? ...and it's not even from VW !!! !ill
  9. Nearly a VR6

    Nice colour !! Rob Dusty Mauve VR6 Black Rallye
  10. Wheel Refurbishment

    make sure you see some wheels they have already done for other customers - I didn't and got a diamond cut finish instead of chrome !!!
  11. Painted calipers?

    3 coats of grey Smoothrite each coat applied before the one before is dry. Looks great !
  12. What to do on your time off!

    ignore me....next time I'll read the post before leaving anything !!!! Doh !
  13. What to do on your time off!

    Polish the car !!!
  14. whistling noises HELP NEEDED

    It is a breather - mine was broken too - got one at the Malvern meet - but mine still whistles ! - I guess its the same as blowing across the top of a bottle - as the intake sucks air in - it whistles - maybe a bigger Airfilter will sort it !
  15. Key cutting - how much !!!

    Been quoted 17 quid for a duplicate key at Mister Minit - some bollox about a tranponder needing to be programmed into the key !!!! WTF ??? Any one know where I can get one at a reasonable price !!! cheers, Rob