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  1. It's definitely an early 2000s car as it has a rear 12v socket. I didn't even get one of them in my 2003 R32. Only thing I can think of is conversion, but why do interior as well, dodgy wood in 4mos! Or it's an import that hasn't been registered properly
  2. Really, the car won't start without the key? Who'd of thought that eh
  3. There is no oil pressure reading on the display in a VR6
  4. Trying to get my head round what has been done so far. If it's binding/skipping when fuse 31 is plugged in its either controller or pre charge pump staying on. As I say I don't know what's been tried as on my phone
  5. I've done snetterton in the pouring rain and had track to myself was sooooo much fun getting back end out. I now know what my car does in the wet when I boot it
  6. Quarry is easy with AWD. Brake - power on heading towards chicane really quickly
  7. i have genesis 550s in my R32T I do believe
  8. Yeah get car up in air and stretch up to where it attaches on wing. It's all blind work tho unless you can somehow get a light in there
  9. Should be able to reach up from underneath to pull on the cable. I've done it before when mines broke
  10. Already checked in on flight, got money & passport so ready to go. Basicaly 1 week drinking for me as not doing any driving lol
  11. 180mph runs thru Germany are great fun, if a tad expensive on fuel lol
  12. Be there this year and no doubt be there next year. Not for the actual show dates tho, as its mental busy and costs to drive thru reifnitz. I go week before the show
  13. Not been for about 5 yrs now. Just getting to dangerous in your own car
  14. Only the cool kids have 24v cars
  15. Always wanted to do this when club GTI hold there sprint day there. Never get time off tho, is be up for it depending on when tho
  16. You can always open it manually by pulling the lock thing from the inside
  17. Why not use the connections that go into and out of the throttle body
  18. 12v cheaper than 24v to turbo. As for turbo from the Saab then no to small
  19. I'm looking at S4s and S6s at the moment
  20. Need to get it scanned as could be anything
  21. Big money new from VW. Tho I have a brand bew still in its bag that I got for nothing as a garage broke mine so bought a new one for me. I don't want to put it on tho lol
  22. About time you got a proper VR Wellcome back tho
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