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  2. tough big end bearings

    I like to use for ACL Competition Bearings both mains and big ends in all my customer engines where possible. You can only get ACL big ends for a VR though. Next best IMO are Glyco. I'm just rebuilding a Nothelle 3.2 (headache!) for a customer and went with this combo.
  3. Corrado Forum down?

    Thanks chaps, i just wanted to make sure it wasn't me.
  4. Corrado Forum down?

    Come on guys, 24 of you have viewed this and no reply?! Surely one of you could help me out and try corrado.net and let me know!
  5. Any 'clued up' photographers?

    I'm in the motorsport media game for a living, and to be honest any photographer who is worth his weight will be shooting with Canon. I personally have a 40D and can say that it is an excellent body. The Canon lenses are the best on the market, their latest range of lenses are truly amazing. If i'm honest the kit i have comes to a few quid, but it was worth every penny. It will take you some time to get used to all the settings but do experiment as the autoshhot function may be the easiest option but you will get far better pics when you start to shoot manual. Getting your head round f stop numbers and ISO settings might take a while. I found the best way to learn was to just spend a day out taking pics with different settings and finding what worked and what didn't. It's a very addictive hobby when you start to crack it. Be prepared to spend a few quid on lenses, Ebay is a good source, I bought my initial kit from there. If you need any help with settings if you buy Canon mail me and i'll try to help. Andy
  6. Hi Guys and Gals I was just wondering which is the best route to take when passing a cable through from the engine bay into the car. I want to mount something in the cubby hole at the bottom of the dash. Oh, it's on a Corrado BTW. Thanks Andy
  7. Corrado Forum down?

    As title really. Browser times out when trying to get on corrado.net. Is anyone else having this problem?
  8. HELP with fuel gauge problem

    Fuel pump had fallen over in the tank.
  9. HELP with fuel gauge problem

    I did change my fuel pump a couple of moths ago, maybe a wire has come loose. I'll check it later.
  10. HELP with fuel gauge problem

    I used to do that on my g60 to monitor boost. I'm guessing a wiring fault somewhere. Does any of the wiring around the MAF have anything to do with the fuel gauge, or does the level sender loom run straight to the back of the instrument cluster?
  11. Bit of a weird one has happened on my VR today. After changing the MAF unit ( the car is so much better now!!) and getting a few miles down the road i noticed that the fuel gauge was reading full when it is only half? Then when i started to drive hard it dropped down to empty, then went back up to full again? When the needle goes up it kinda jumps in little stages too, not smoothly. I don't think changing the MAF has caused this, it's just coincidence, but what else could it be? Cheers Andy
  12. There are two types of tensioner bolt. Did VAG give you the right one?
  13. Thanks for that! I just did it by feel in the end. When i took the old one out the piston just fell out. The seal to hold the pressure had completely gone, no wonder it sounded noisy. How nice it is to have a quiet engine again!
  14. Just wondering if their is any particular torque setting for the main tensioner bolt on the back of the engine? As it's so big you could probably go on tightening it forever but there must a limit.