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  1. Whats Your Milage?

  2. New wheels

    Worth the wait mate! Corrados where made for deep dish phat wheels! Craig. !lol
  3. Volkswagon Driver Magazine (VR6 comment ???)

    could of squeesed a little more power out of the huge v6 lump imo!
  4. my Highline

    Yeah it was a 1.8 16v not fast but it looked the part! had her serviced last week...I've only had her a year but shes running really well...so smooth and pulling like a god dam train! !lol
  5. Thought I would post some piccies up as the old ones on this site dont seem to work anymore? 96 mullberry highline 68,000miles kn panel fk collies pagid pads here you go... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/seftonvr6/lowww2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/seftonvr6/low3.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/seftonvr6/corrr.jpg Hope you like Craig.
  6. how many members vr6oc in the north west

    From Bolton! Craig.
  7. Finding a good one!?

    got mine from bury (near Manchester) last year, 97 mullberry highline 3door 4 owners full vwsh 62,000 miles mint standard condition mature owner last 4 years (he also knew previous owner) one year on: 68,000 miles fk coilovers professionally fitted and balanced etc serviced and maintained body almost mint, few stone chips above windscreen NOT ONE DINT at all paint exellent!!!! alloys good condition for age but not a1. Anyway my point is there are v good vr's out there, but there becoming VERY hard to find! (Its going to be a challange to find a good one on a budget)! Good luck mate. Craig.
  8. Well Chuffed - 4 Nights In New York!

    going to Newyork totally changed my opinion on Americans! Its the Newyokers that make newyork! Get a full American breakfast! its a must!!!!! If you go into a sports bar all you will hear is...Wwwoooowwhhooooo......yeahhhhhhhh....rightoooon! bit annoying have a good time mate!
  9. Well Chuffed - 4 Nights In New York!

    Dont think I saw any VW when I was there...just big dintted and badly resprayed crap american barges! could make a killing if you opened a good body repair shop! For a different night out try Grennich (sp)? gritty part of town with loads of live band bars etc...really different from all the busy built up part of town! wierdest thing...strangers talk to each other in lifts! (elevators) lol Post some pics when your back! Craig.
  10. Selling the highline!!!!!!1

    if mint then 5000 all day!
  11. my new highline...

    Cheers guys! Just going to get the solditudes cleaned up a little and a nice drop...mabe a simple ss exhaust? (could I have a stainless version made like the original)? I'm trying to keep her as clean and unmoddifed as possible, then replace and maintain all the bits under the hood (coolent pipes etc)... Craig Although the schmitt (sp)? rims look dam sweet on the violet blue mk3 (anyone got any pics of that)?
  12. my new highline...

    wish I still had the raddo!!!!!
  13. my new highline...

    got it for £4200 fvsh 62,000miles private sale through autotrader...think I was quite lucky!
  14. my new highline...

    one of my old 16v corrado.