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  1. Im thinking about upgrading my suspension on my 1995 golf vr6.possibly next year , it just feels unsafe at high speeds together with high wind cornnering etc. Im not bothered about super low height .But i dont want to spend a fortune .The rest of the car is staying standard .This is more about safety than looks. do i really need to buy coilovers ? Any recomendations ,prices and fitting prices ,do i need 4 wheel laser alignment ,does the main dealer do this . cheers for any comments guys..
  2. What plate is your VR and what is your mileage?

    37,000 miles 1995 n reg
  3. just back from snowboarding,ne thing good happened

    ive recently been to norway ,been 4 times know got my own board etc,love it just as much as driving the vr
  4. who got the lowest miles on there vr

    ive got 32,000 miles. 2 owners before me when i bought it last year it had 22,000 miles must be the lowest.. its a flash red 1995 3 door
  5. i have central lockin on my 1995 golf vr6 and would like keyless entry ,any ideas part numbers etc and where do i start &| &|
  6. Ticking Noise from Clutch/Gear box

    i have the same problem the same noise ,everything,let me know how you get on.