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  1. anyone been to kos before?

    Hi Claire, been to Rhodes a couple of times family and with my man. Lindos is nice - old style town with tavernas, castle ruins and best beach on the island, Faliraki bit of a dump. Rhodes Town also nice with a bit more cosmopolitan feel and good shops. Taxi drivers are insane (driving wise), cheap fares. Where you staying?
  2. Future VR6 owner needing advice please

    Welcome .... check out http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?40042
  3. with 17 x 7.5s I get the occasional scuff over humps/bumps in the road if I have passengers in the back... no probs otherwise
  4. Just read the 1st post you're after 17's... duh! I've 17s on her now will keep them for the winter... next month then!
  5. Big decision to make! was down to final choice between RH ZW1s and the Keskin KT1s seen loads with RH's (all looking lovely) but this kinda pushed me in the Keskin direction... 16 x 7.5 KT1s
  6. TVR6 - Got some Keskins on the way to me will post pics when on. saw some great cars, got a few other bits, a good day only went up for Sunday hope you make your decision, mine's taken me nearly a year!
  7. TVR6... Styledynamix are at E38 this weekend Sunday only, just called them and they are bringing a selection of alloys, tho I may be fighting you for the KT1's!
  8. The VR6OC Banner Appeal

    how's the fund doing? donation sent
  9. 99 RON @ tesco

    They have it at Tesco in Cheshunt - Brookfield Centre.... 90.9/litre ... however will prolly stick with Optimax
  10. Does anyone have any idea where I might try to get a door sill protector strip for my highline please? It's the black one with 'VR6' inscripted across it. Have been searching on the net for a while with no joy. If not, any suggestions very welcome for an alternative? Thanks!!
  11. May have to go there myself soon as not havin much luck my way! 'Helpful' Tracey from my local vw tells me my highline has been modded as her mk 3 doesn't have the same bits... ?? I'm only after the sill strip and a door seal on the actual door, just got my ETKA CD (thanks Andrew!) so will do some searchin myself!
  12. Cheers m8... I'll do that then!
  13. Cheers Nerih will try to get one of those cd's off e-bay and thanks for future advice!.... Know wot u mean Eat this! So far they've got me the wrong door seal ... 50/50 chance I spose!?? Will give them a call monday...
  14. You're a diamond! Thanks Mark! Young chap at VW couldn't find anything for me so this is a great help!
  15. They can get me plain one's... have a guy calling me back with a chance of a special order but he wasn't sure. Thought I'd try elsewhere in the meantime, thanks tho!