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  1. dub-bitch

  2. Help me guys!

  3. Help me guys!

    Someone do it for me,plleeeaasseeee!!!
  4. Help me guys!

    Must admit,after seeing shiny manifolds at the RR day,i'd quite like mine to look like that.God,how sad am i.
  5. VR6OC Needs You!

    I'm far to thick to do any of that!!
  6. ABS sensors.

    All this technology.Pain in the bum.Never had to worry bout this kind of stuff with the golf!!
  7. ABS sensors.

    The bloke i use knows me,so hopefully wouldn't skank me.He said a couple of other faults came up but weren't there after he ran the car.Someone has taken the warning bulb out of the ABS warning on the dash,so chances are it's cos there is a fault and the light was staying on.
  8. Just been told i need two new rear sensors.Where would people recommend and how much am i looking at? Also need new plugs and leads.
  9. The RR Day Pics Thread!

    No,its not that one.I've checked!!
  10. The RR Day Pics Thread!

    Don't have one.Thought mine was the dirtiest one there!!!Did you hide it somewhere?!!
  11. The RR Day Pics Thread!

    Which one was it?
  12. The RR Day Pics Thread!

    I really liked that mark 2.Nice one Tommy. The passat is a bit of a stealth waggon.Would be nice to tweak it up a bit.People keep tellin me to put the engine in my golf,but i like it as it is.Got a few bemused looks when i drove into the car park!!
  13. The RR Day Pics Thread!

    You weren't there were you?I'm sure i'd remember that Reg!!
  14. The RR Day Pics Thread!

    I thought you'd like that one!!Nice lookin car. I've realised that whenit comes to takin pics of cars,i'm a bit sad!!! [ Edited Mon Jan 31 2005, 10:26PM ]