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    No it was standard except for santa monica 17" alloys. Full leather. Engine No. on log book says Not Known but VIN/Chassis/Frame No. WXWZZZ1JZ1D451753. Did you ever find out what happened to yours?

    I know, I'm really beatin' myself up over leaving the keys where I left them but it was such a habit to walk in and put them on the hook on the wall that I never really thought twice about it. I'm so gutted and I doubt I'll ever see that car again. Worse thing is I'm now carless and have to wait 28 days before the insurance company do anything with the claim, so I'm paying out with money I don't have to hire a car which I can't claim back from insurance and that's on fully comprehensive cover with AXA!!
  4. Hi, just wanted to share my very unfortunate news that my lovely V6 4motion was stolen from my driveway on Sunday night/early Monday morning. The thief managed to extract my car/house keys through my letterbox and drive away, I didn't hear a thing and was devasted to find my pride & joy gone at 8am on Monday morning. If by any chance anyone has been offered this car to buy or even just spotted it somewhere (I can hope!!!) please please please let me know. Sorry, don't have any pictures.
  5. Lovely. I've just had my purple highline lowered and put 17" RS4's on, looks very similar to yours funnily enough although mines got twin headlamps which I'm still not sure about, might change them back to standard though
  6. My VR

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!
  7. Hi, I am trying to get a set of 17's for my VR6 but i do not want to use spacers I tryed a second hand set the other day in a ET35 but they hit the caliper &| Can anyone advise a way around this or a good looking wheel i could get??? Also would a ET38 move it closer to the caliper or further away?? Thanks in advance Catwoman
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help ?! I have just bought a set of 17's off e-bay (et35) and the guy gave me some 5mm spacers. I have tryed them without but they catch on my front calipers x) But the prob i have if i use the spacers the wheel bolts are too short Has anyone else had this prob??? Thanks Catwoman
  9. Does anyone know what the wheel offset is for a 1995 VR6 highline as I'm in the process of getting a set of 17's and want to make sure they are going to fit. ?!
  10. Heated seats

    Nope they def don't work although I think the back rest on the passenger seat seems to be working. I will check the wirin plugs to the seats. Cheers
  11. Heated seats

    Yes I hadn't noticed it before but yesterday I did, when I turn each switch they both make a click so I'm assuming it's not the switches that are faulty ?!
  12. Heated seats

    I will get my hubby to check, thanks
  13. Heated seats

    Hi The heated seats in my VR6 highline don't appear to be working anyone have any suggestions :? :!