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  1. clarkie

  2. when I brake any thing like hard , the front nearside wheel judders really badly . Any ideas?
  3. Front Wheel Judder

    My 4 motion has a juddering front neas side wheel . It only happens when I brake hard , any ideas ?
  4. Exhaust manifold welding

    V W Golf Breakers (Oxford) 18 Chiltern Business Centre/Garsington Rd Oxford OX4 6NG Tel: 01865 401734 Give them a try
  5. piercings

    i used to hav eyebrow twice, top of my nose , tonge, tragus , nipple ,right ear twice , left ear 7 times (inc 8mm tunnel at the top , scaffold) but all i have now is 36mm plugs 1 in each ear.
  6. just need to work out how much it will cost to post and dont think my mum would be very happy if i use the bath room scales lol
  7. Quick clutch question

    just to get things straight the clutch has done under 1000 miles not 100 and is made by sachs. it is in very good condition. and it will defo last a long time . just wanted to make sure theres no confusion. thanks . stu
  8. big end shells

    any whow how much a set of bit end shells cost? (glyco) thanks . stu
  9. night raceing santapod - feb 21st/22nd 09

    any 1 know how much it is to get in if ya not racing? might pop along sat night just to say hello
  10. i would go for some 215 45 tyres on the rear and give them a nice stretch check out www.tyrestretch.com
  11. Limited slip diffs

    i just sold my peloquin for 540 just to give you an idea of price. that was brand new with fittin kit
  12. Your biggest DIY balls up

    stupid mistake i did was changing injectors on my car. had pushed them in and got the injector rail on but it didnt look as if it was sealing/pushed in properly so i thought i would turn it over to make sure it dont leak before i put it all back together. turned the key over and it burst in to flames. had nothing to put out the flames apart from a bag of sand that i chucked over it. after that i had to have the head off to get all the sand out and change the engine wiring loom as it was charcoal.
  13. Throttle Body, Does anyone know?

    yeh it will fit straight on but i dout you will notice any increase in power. maybe if you had the 2.9 inlet aswell you might feel abit more poke