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  2. See Saw ride

    Which means I have no chance of sorting it out then i guess. cos if the kit has intergrated bump stops i cant cut them down, or does it mean that I have to sets of bump stops (the one intergrated into the shocks and the standard ones on the car) I am very confused guys!
  3. See Saw ride

    Cheers mate. And not to sound too stupid but how much should I cut off. I tend to get carried away with things like that and no doubt I will cut most of the bloody thing off. It is lowered 35mm if that helps.
  4. See Saw ride

    Cheers guys. So it could be the bump stops, right the question now is how do I cut em down and where are they?
  5. Can anyone give me some advice, I have brought and fitted a Bilstein Streetline sports kit to me VR6 as my old suspension was well and truly had it. The new kit lowered the car by 35mm and is now the bumpiest ride in the world, in fact it goes down the road like a see saw! I have been told that it could be due to the fact that the kit came with lowered and uprated springs but was suplied with oe shocks that just are not man enough for the springs. But I have also been told that it could be the bump stops being the wrong height. Anyone got any ideas.