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  1. CorradoVR6-n.o.s

  2. As above i suspect i have a faulty ecu but would like to try it on a working car....it will tack 10min max! Booze or money is offered! Cheers James
  3. Eaton supercharged VR6

    any updayes on this?
  4. scumbag

    bastards! thats why i drive a shitty daily and keep the toy locked up only to come out on sunny days where i can keep an eye on it when its parked up. Sad but its so true.
  5. A BIG THANYOU to c2 motorsports uk

    see i said C2 are good!
  6. starter motor

    its the top pole of the sloenoid.
  7. Clicking starter motor

    try jump start it first,its sounds like aflat battery.
  8. Which gearbox ?

    its a stronger 6 speed bix,its big and heavy and needs mounts to suit it,but they are fitted to the 4wd variance with the VR type bell housing....but it has a transfer box on....thats the problem. I dont know if the transfer box can simply unbolt and you can fit a normal drive shaft in?
  9. Which gearbox ?

    im sure its the vw touran.
  10. Which gearbox ?

    yea the o2j bolts straight it but has no speedo drive as it takes it off the abs,so you would need to swap your original housing over.
  11. Which gearbox ?

    02a mate but an 02j would fit too but hard to find one and its six speed.! Any box from a VR6 model will fit mate bar the later 24v's but they can be fitted but its not a straight in and out job.
  12. 423 BHP - It works!!!

    a right,thanks! Should have looked at your sig first lol!
  13. yip...they have been fitted incorrect or the cam sensor wheel trigger is on the wrong cam or left off.
  14. 423 BHP - It works!!!

    2.9 24v? whats that all about then>? Nice numbers!