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  1. TopsVR6

  2. GOlf VR6 auto

    54k here just running in nicely.
  3. GOlf VR6 auto

    My first VR was a manual which i loved,my latest VR which i've had now for over a year is Auto. I was a bit dubious intially but read good reports about them and found that it does suit the engine really well. The performance feels just as punchy and the kickdown is superb,i'd say my fuel economy is only around 20 miles per tank worse than the manual. So overall i'm pretty chuffed with it,especialy in monster traffic jams!!
  4. I'd feel happier using someone in the uk to be honest. Is the
  5. Cheers guys for the useful info. Do any of you know much about the fella's at Storm Developments? I live in the southwest so i guess nik saran will be the best bet.
  6. What are the characteristics like after supercharging? Does it loose any of the smooth delivery and what kinda fuel consumption am i looking at on a sensible motorway trip? I use my VR6 daily and am 99.9% made up on the supercharger route.
  7. South West regional mini-meet

    I'm a bit further down but still up for it.
  8. Dipstick dry!!

    You should be fine,no oil warning light is a good sign. There is a good reserve of oil from bottom of dipstick to sump bottom. Happened to me once s**t myself but it only took a small amount of oil to register on dipstick. Oil and filter change will reveal any metal debris but u should be ok. Good Luck!!
  9. VR6 or Keep my Mint mk2 16V

    I`ve recently gone down this route for the second time. If I had more drive space and an understanding missus I would have kept both. I love the 16v MK2 its a really fun car. Both of mine were low mileage standard cars with full vag history and went like a dream. But I suppose the quest for more refinement and 6 pot power got the best of me. The 2 cars are chalk and cheese really but both top fun in they`re own right. What I would say is dont let your valver go until you find a really good highline, take your time and wait for the right one. You will love the VR6 growl and the effortless ease in which the power comes on, the refinement and smoothness over the 16v is great, but you will miss the raw GTi experience from the daddy of all GTi`s. But when you get out on the open road and feel the V6 pulling like a train the grin on your face will be enough to remember the 16v with fondness, but realise you`ve moved on and up to a better place !! Good Hunting Dude. TopsVR6. PS: It wont stop that sinking feeling when your MK2 finally goes to a new home, but you`ll get over it lol!! 8)
  10. Wot a top site Pedrox, are they pretty reliable on delivery?
  11. Cheers mate much obliged.
  12. Wot a shame My VR is silver so I wanted something to blend in with paintwork,they used to be really common. I`ll keep looking, Cheers TopsVR6
  13. Im trying to find a set of Strata Silver Colour Magic Tail Lights made by Hella for my Mk3 but having no joy whatsoever. Can ne1 help me out, much appreciated 8) TopsVR6.
  14. I need some small cosmetic paintwork carried out but it needs to be to a high standard, I live close to plymouth so if anyone can suggest somewhere localish I`d be very grateful. Thanks TopsVR6. !amazed
  15. Hi can anyone recommend a decent spray shop in or around plymouth where I can get some small cosmetic painting done to a high standard. Thanks very much TopsVR6.