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  1. N3DXT

  2. How far do you comute?

    80 round trip, by train, destination hammersmith
  3. Your Cars - Past & Present

    Renault Alpine GTA BMW E30 M3 (x2) including an evo 1 Lancia delta integrale 16v porsche 911sc 2 beach buggies + 3 renault 5 turbos, a nissan 200sx & various other small hatches I've messed around with. Water cooled VW's: - 2 x MK2 8v gti's 2 x MK2 16v gti's 2 x MK3 VR6's I stopped running any thing stupidly expensive to maintain after some pretty hefty bills, often run a 2nd car as well to keep the usage down, including gems like rover 414, Ford orion, Renault 25's, 318i, 323i & 530i plus a whole bunch of other tat. VR6 is probably the fave, I gutted when I had to let my first one go 4 years ago and was very happy when I bought another one this year. Moved on a bit from my first car which was a Ford Capri 1.6 auto.
  4. What's your mileage?

    84k on a 96/N
  5. Coilovers and ARB's

    I'm very happy with Koenigsports and Eibach ARB's so would recommend that unless you plan on trackdays.
  6. Short shift kit!!

    I'm running a B&M one, makes a hell of a difference, can feel a bit notchy sometimes thought and I had to have mine modified as it kept spitting out the split pin which held the cable in place, is now tied with lockwire.
  7. porsche alloys

    http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=27774porsche&iid=2486782743&frm=284 You want to see poor feedback, look at this bloke
  8. Anybody know a good place for quality machined spacers, ideally would like a pair of 8mm ones and a pair of 15mm ones, looking in the fk catalogue they do these widths but the slimmer ones are not hubcentric, can anybody advise why this is the case Cheers
  9. Design 90's

    I might have a set for sale soon, depends how soon you want them
  10. leds....

    The old club GTI forum had a large thread relating to people changing the MK3 dash into a MK2, I remember a few of the people changing the illumination of the MK3 dash to more like the MK4 so you might want to try on there.
  11. I had 8 spare at one point, a full set of 6's, 7's and 8's, fortunately down to 2 spare now of which one is on ebay so I can have my garage back soon.
  12. Yes they did make them for the rear of the 911, fronts were 7.5 x 16, the 944's ran 6's 7's and 8's, the offsets are slightly different I think and if you are thinking of lowering the car I wouldn't even go there, mine is lowered to about 40mm from the bottom of the coilover (koenigsports) and I get rubbing every journey running 8's with 215/40/16's
  13. Yep all declared to HIC, I try and do all mods around renewal time that way I only have to try to get through to them on the phone once a year
  14. My VR6

    Don't lower it until the cats safe though