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  1. a reply to your question on timing chains. my vr has done 178,000 miles an recently i had oil and water mixing together, in the header tank. i took the head off to check the gasket but could find nothing wrong. so i checked the oil cooler and found that was the problem. on removal of the head, the only thing wrong with the timing chains was the chain tensioner, which was quite worn,but it was still doing its job very well. to change the tensioner you will need to remove the gearbox as the casing that surrounds the chain and tensioner is bolted behind the gearbox. YOU CANNOT DO THIS BY REMOVING THE HEAD. HOPE THIS IS OF ANY HELP. !sad
  2. i have lowered my vr by 40mm on koni's, but i have a problem when i take passengers in the back, the tyres rub on the inside of the wheel arch,right at the top,whenever i drive over dips in the road or the motorway. the easy solution is not to carry passengers in the back. could anyone recommend a spring setup/poundage for the springs.you help would be much appreciated. i have got 17" rims with 205/40 tyres. it is mostly the back left that rubs, and it is'nt the arches ,cos i have rolled them up myself.it is rubbing right up inside the arch. that is why i am thinking of upping the spring poundage. it bottoms out with only one person in it when they sit over the left rear wheel. get your thinking caps on now fellas! [ Edited ]
  3. has anyone got an o.s.f window motor for a mk3 golf '96-'97 .wanted as soon as possible please. its a 5 door.
  4. does anyone have any iformation /experience on camshafts and which would be a good choice to go for ,for improved performance, bhp.thanks