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  1. kilokilla

  2. Steering

    All you need is the knuckle that goes from the rack to the bottom of steering column for a power steered mk 2 or rado mate not the whole column
  3. passat vr to mk2

    If you have bolt on calliper carriers on your mk2 you can get the early 280mm vr6callipers and carriers and use g60 280mm discs aswell mate .
  4. Well thanks for that guys its nice to know im appreciated cheers Carl.
  5. Coolant Leak

    Did you check the oil cooler on front of engine next to oil filter mate because there are 2 small hoses to that.Carl.
  6. also take the little air hose off of the fuel pressure regulator and make sure there is no fuel coming thru it as they sometimes go down and check all the wiring is ok to the maf sensor plug as these can sometimes break aswell.Carl.
  7. I take it you have started car and had a good look at the fuel pipes aswell to make sure its not leaking anywhere as a drop in fuel pressure could cause your problems.
  8. Twin fan question.

    The second fan is connected to the first 1 with a rubber band there is no motor on it and it runs with the first 1 and that does seem to be a bit bizarre it might be a faulty temp sender which is the 4 pin yellow one.for fans oh and personally i cant see it being a prob with thermostat.carl.
  9. Adjusting vr6 mileage

    Well it is possible as far as im aware check out your local autotrader and generally there is some1 in them advertising mileage correction they should be able to sort you out.Carl.
  10. Determining ECU number

    Its in the bulkhead mate where the wiper motor is under them black plastic bits.Carl.
  11. no spark from ignition leads

    have you plugged the thin red wire from engine loom into fuse box mate as this can cause this problem and to be honest without seeing your setup its a bit hard to say there is a few reasons why it may not be working if you can get it up to me somehow and everything is in place im sure i could have you driving it away same day.Carl.
  12. engine coolent

    It does sound like head gasket but most garages should be able to test it for you for a small fee mate just to be sure and it only takes 10 mins to check if engine hasnt got to warm.and yes vr6s do condensate up a bit and get mayo in cap specially if only used on short journeys but generally only a thin creamy layer if its quite thick then it would again suggest head gasket and you should get done sooner rather than later because it will be seriously messing with the viscosity of your oil and can cause some bad damage.Carl.
  13. cool thats the relay i figured it would be i just thought it ws called the ignition relay ive had a few probs with them on the vr6s never had to actually buy 1 cos ive always had spare 1s round the yard so thats why i wasnt sure what it was called and bad connections on relays is quite common did you just bend your prongs a bit on relay or did you get a new 1 and sorry you had to buy that new hose mate but as you noticed it does cause some wierd running issues mate oh and will be good to see you when you do need some more work doing mate .
  14. H&R Coilovers help

    Mmmm thats not good mate they are not done up tight eneough if you can turn by hand and you risk them dropping on ther own and i agree its easy to mangle them if you are not careful you are better off trying to get proper key for the job.Carl.
  15. Disc size

    Its easy to tell the difference by looking at callipers. Where brake hose joins them 280 mm has a flexi hose which screws straight into calliper whereas 288mm has a rectangle headed flexi hose with a seperate bolt to attach it to calliper just put steering on a full lock and get your head down in there and have a look allthough if your car is quite low you may have to take wheel off to check.