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  2. Caught up with an old mate who still had this on his phone from when I first got the car, Still cant beat the sound of a VR6!
  3. I wanna make the engine bay look tidy, has anyone done this, is it possiable to do it with the manifold in its place or will I have to remove it? any ideas?
  4. I can highly recomend a good 10 or 12 sub in the boot but the important part is a good headunit, like most pioneers have a hipass filter, so u make all the bass go to the sum and the speakers handle the rest, sounds sweet
  5. Dodgy passanger window, Help

    I have had my door card off, I have had everything out , looked 4 signs of wear, broken parts, friction and cant find anything wrong, I called VW and fat lot of good that did me, the guy there said I might need a window seal!!
  6. Dodgy passanger window, Help

    My passenger window ratteles when its up, and judders when it goes up and down, also when I hit a ton on the motorway it lets the wind in, I have tried tightening everything up and lubricating but it go away anyone else had this problem? Regards Pete
  7. my mate had plolys on his mk3 gti, they squeeked! I managed to have a go on it the ride was stiffer or tigter, but I thought it made the handling kinda figity, I had the same kinda thing on my mk2, so I personly wont fit them ever again 4 what they do, and the time and hassel to fit them, I fitted o.e ones on when I did all my eibach suspension and roll bars
  8. Mirrors

    Is there, anything from the standard VW parts bin that can be up graded or modified ? Mk4 style off the cabrio? or somthing
  9. I did also think that bilstin sprint kit, h&r/boge, were good, I didnt rate apex,spax koni/eiback we a little hard, I didn see the point of coilovers unless ur racin loads or doing track days, u can make the handling worse if u dunno what ur doing, the only coilover kit I would go for would be bilstein PSS9, forget weiatec, and supersport, and Koni, not a patch on PSS9, dear but u get quality!!
  10. I was really lucky got a good garage roung my way so I managed to blag a ride in a few cars, I really rate a full eibach pro kit and anti roll bars, a little dearer than most but well worth the money, I think the suspension with out roll bars is about £750, but what I learnt from all this is power is nothing unless u can control it round the twisty bits, the eibach kit was the best money I spent so far!