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  1. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    May be it’s just not meant to be found. like the Golden Fleece, hens teeth, the holy grail etc, unless you know someone who’s plod who’s willing to risk their job, we will never know!. I think we should move on somethings are never as good second time around.............or are they?. i just brought back 2 of my old cars and I’m so glad I did because you always know when they drive off if your going to miss them or not. if I can’t find him I’ll just buy a mk2 GTI drop a VR6 turbo’d Lump in it and paint it the same colour, now that would be A1. ?????
  2. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    I loved that car purchased it from a mate at work who purchased it from somewhere near Oxford I believe originally came from Edinburgh in Scotland the best thing I did was to have a power float custom exhaust fitted minus the cat it sounded phenomenal when I fitted it and couldn’t believe it was actually my car making the noise. It looked a bit bog standard when I first got it but After I did a few bits it look quite tasty and always managed to get comments everywhere I went even the local Volkswagen dealership loved having a parked near the showroom said it was a good advertisement to the brand. i then see if for sale on eBay think it was parked on cobbled streets or something now with a leather interior (too expensive to purchase when I had it).
  3. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    I know it lives in my area owner attended a local school football match and couldn’t believe my eyes when one of my friends sent me the picture. by the time I rushed down there it had gone!. but believe you me I’d want her back a lot more than you as I did the majority of the upgrades she was bog standard when. I got her in 2001!!. I was always told it was a proper colour ‘Montana green’ code was B6Z IIRC.
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