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  1. tyre pressure

    I run 215/40/16 tyres. VW say these should be at 42psi front and 39psi rear. These seem pretty high to me and makes may car understear quite badly in the wet. Dropped it down to 38 fr and 35 rear. Its a lot better now.
  2. Awesome GTI Rolling Road 3 day shoot out

    Sorry eat this. I have just read your earlier post. I didn't realise you have done some mods since your last rr
  3. Awesome GTI Rolling Road 3 day shoot out

    You probably havn't gained 25bhp and 30lb ft. You probably all ways had it.
  4. Awesome GTI Rolling Road 3 day shoot out

    When i was last up at Awesome about 3 weeks ago, I was told that they were having problems with the flywheel power on the rr (i think it is a software prob)but they said the wheel power is spot on and very accurate. To be honest,the wheel power figure is the important one and the only one you should look at really.
  5. Neuspeed claim 4-5 wheel hp with their pulleys http://www.neuspeed.com/products/product_details.asp?app=27|G3&type=11&ltype=ns_euro&p_id=1336
  6. What's your job?

    Help make wings for the A380, so that means i work for Airbus.
  7. Kinetic Turbo kit.

    Is the kit for left or right hand drive
  8. Maf and oil pump

    The vr6 engine is never quiet on start up
  9. I'd suggest you put it somewhere along the exhaust. You could put it in the boot' date=' but I don't think it would help. [/quote'] lololololololol. now now
  10. Change it for a Miltek, then sell your exhaust on ebay.

    jaysvr6 How much oil are you using? Even with my worn oil ring i use 1ltr every 1500 miles