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  1. bigvw

  2. Biggar VW Owners Festival 28/29th of May

    I'm up for the convoy Andrew, where do you want to met up?
  3. Flush fit valves

    Have used them on quite a few cars now, never had any problems. Just don't lose your valve adaptor, like I did once-NIGHTMARE!!
  4. GTi Intrnational

    Any one travelling down from Scotland on the Friday?
  5. GTI Spring Festival - Santa Pod

    Car's up for sale, but if I've still got it I'ld love to come down if there's space on the stand
  6. R32 bumper on Mk3.5 cab

    Hey Mr Vento, thats one sweet car your friend has!
  7. Bought a Mk2 20vT!

    you lucky barsteward, on the lookout for something like that myself for fun!! Need to tell us what its like!
  8. I'm soooo excited!!!!!

    well done Claire thats great news!
  9. Factory side skirts

    I have mine off, hink it looks cleaner. Found a lot of dirt under mine, no rust thank goodness
  10. Short shift kits

    I'm interested in Neuspeed one as I've used and sold them and not had one fault-top quality gear!
  11. Nice wheels m8, like the second set best
  12. Autosol

    Dub Weiser, go with Belgom polish that Ninja said, as I had the same problem i.e. no spiggots for my winter wheels so couldnt get them on- so had to run with my porker rims and they were really dull. Spent about an hour + on each one and they came up like they were before- shiny, shiny
  13. Clay bar

    Better than T-cut, get it from any good accessory shop that sells Meguires, quite a few out there.
  14. Clay bar

    Yep, would defo recommend you use one as I've used both zymol and meguires and they work a treat, good for removing overspray, sap, and small to medium scratches.
  15. For the Bike Lovers

    one of my favourite bits- the paris ring road.