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  1. Summer

    I love the light evenings. Can actually get out and do things on the car during the week, rather than having to wait for the weekend!
  2. Hello Jon! Got a new motor?!?!

    The cab looks really clean. Whack a set of phat split rims on it and you won't need to do anything else!
  3. conversions vr6 s/c or r32 n/a

    Gievn the choice, I would go for an R32 engine swap - 250BHP with factory reliability & manners, and you still have the option of supercharging it later on for even more power! The problem is that R32 engines are hard to find - you could be waiting months, if not years, for a decent one to come up here in the UK. If you decide to supercharge your VR you could be up and running within a couple of weeks!
  4. Octavia VRS Engine & Box Into Mk3 VR6 Shell - Easy?

    I made a few enquiries about the conversion.... 1.8T into a VR6 is actually harder than fitting an R32 lump. You need to swap in a mk3 16v subframe, gearbox, 'shafts & engine mounts in order for the engine to go in. Then there's the intercooler, which is a completely bespoke job that I've never seen done the same way twice, The good news is that, once the engine is fitted and the intercooler plumbed in, QPEng can sell you a plug & play ECU & wiring loom which makes the electrical side of things very straightforward. The chip fitted to their ECU disables the immobiliser and gives you an extra 50BHP over the standard engine, which is nice! QPEng can also supply a ready made exhaust downpipe for a 1.8T in a mk3. http://www.qpeng.com/ Assuming you did all the work yourself, I reckon you'd be looking at ~£1800 on top of the cost of the engine. If I wanted to build a 1.8T mk3, I would go searching for a complete mk3 16v with a knackered engine as the base car TBH.
  5. R36 Golf???

    Just buy a VR6 Syncro and use the existing gearbox & drivetrain... I'm assuming the 3.6 fits straight onto a VR6 gearbox like the 3.2 - I don't know a lot about the new engine other than the fact it uses a totally new block with a 10.6 degree vee (rather than 15 degrees in the VR, 2.8 24v & 3.2)
  6. New Curves

    I'm thinking about getting a set of RH ZW1s, but Tunershop don't quote prices on their website....
  7. New Curves

    Where are you planning to buy these from?
  8. New Curves

    Awesome! What have you got planned in the wheel department? Or would that be telling? LOL
  9. More GTI Spring Festival Pics!

    Awesome pics, Claire! Do you have the high-res version of that pic of my cabrio? If so, please could you email it to me at [email protected] Cheers!
  10. Just resized the photos for ya. Nice motor! Are those dark brown leather seats or black ones? Difficult to tell in the pics!
  11. Got loads of photos from GTI Spring Festival this weekend: http://s11.photobucket.com/albums/a174/antera309/GTI%20Spring%20Festival%202007/?start=all Enjoy!!
  12. supercharging cost

    Budget £3k for the lot and you can't go wrong.
  13. Yep, time to get cracking and build something even better! With that rebult engine & box out of R4, you've got a sound base to work from. A Mulberry highline is the obvious choice, but how about a Syncro? I know of someone that might be selling one...
  14. Spring Fest

    Great show today. Didn't run the cabrio up the strip 'cos there wasn't a lot of point with a pretty much standard VR engine, but it was great to meet a few more of you this time around!
  15. R36 Golf???

    The way I understand it, the 3.6 wasn't fitted to the mk5 because it was too big to go in the engine bay along with the huge DSG transmission. It would fit with a manual trasmission, but they won't do it as a manual version only because the Americans wouldn't buy it. Informed sources say that the spy shots in the original post are actually just a proposed facelift for the current R32, so let's not get too excited just yet!
  16. VR6Pete's Crashed VR6 Donation Thread

    So sorry to hear about your mota, Pete. I know how much effort and heartache has been involved during the build of that car, and also know how much the 'ring charge people who bend their armcos. Gutted doesn't even cover it. Fair play to ya for putting such a brave face on things. I'd be crying my eyes out. Anyway, it's good to hear all the running gear is salvagable and I'm sure you'll be plopping it into another car very soon. Find yourself a dirt cheap VR with a popped engine, a couple of weekends with the spanners and an engine hoist and it's job done!

    Great show - we got lucky with the weather once again! I was really impressed with the turnout of cars on the VR6OC stand! Awesome! Had a really good time and it was great to meet everyone! Pics to follow in the Photos section....

    Same here. Looking lovely & shiny after PC polishing & 2 coats of NXT should just need a final buff when I get there. Looking forward to meeting you all! what time is everyone arriving?

    Roof down tomorrow!! WOO-HOO!!

    I'm 100% if there's a space for me.

    Please put me down for the VR6OC stand for this one. I am 100%
  22. Yep, there's a guide in our premium members section here: http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?129894 Fitting is fairly straightforward and should be possible to do in a weekend.