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  1. Here's some pics of the standard car just after I bought it: Paint fade necessitates a full respray, which is OK, 'cos there's gonna be some nice body mods going on this puppy anyway..... Nasty blue interior will be the first thing to go.... [ Edited ]
  2. Gavs VR6 (pics of new wheels)!!

    Very nice VR! I think it's the first one I've ever seen in pearl white flip. That was a really popular colour in the 90's - it's good to see it's making a return. PS g/f is good-looking too!
  3. Doing an oil change yourself?

    I've done lots of VR oil changes on the driveway - just put the front of the car on axle stands and you can get easy access to the oil filter (in front of the engine) and sump drain plug (at the back of the sump. 1) Park the car on level ground then run the car for 15 mins to warm up the oil 2) jack the front of the car up and put it on axle stands both sides. Make sure you locate the axle stands on the proper points on the chassis! 3) undo the sump plug (19mm bolt) and drain the oil into a container (leave draining for 10 mins) 4) put the sump plug back in and tighten to 22lb-ft 5) place the container under the oil filter housing and remove the allen bolt (6mm I think) from the bottom of the housing. more oil will drain into the container. 6) refit & tighten the allen bolt. 7) undo the oil filter cap (use a 36mm socket). A long bar may be required. The cap will come off with the oil filter still attached. 8) Discard the old oil filter and the rubber O-ring that goes around the edge of the cap. 9) Fit the new filter and the new O-ring that came with it. Obviously the new filter & O-ring go on the same way the old ones came off! 9) offer the oil filter cap up to the housing on the engine, screw it in by hand as far as you can, then tighten to 22lb-ft. 10) Put the new oil into the engine. You will need 6 litres - that's one standard 5ltr can plus one 1ltr top-up bottle. Quantum Synta Silver 10W-40 (available from VW dealers or GSF) is the best stuff to use on a standard VR. 11) Start engine and idlefor 2 minutes, then check oil level is between the 2 marks on the dipstick. 12) Take car off axle stands and make a cup of tea. If anyone can provide some photos to go with this procedure, I'll put it in the guides section.
  4. The VR6 really doesn't like to be overheated. The head is large and warps very easily. If you do go ahead and replace the HG, get the head checked out while off the car to make sure it has not warped. If it has, then second-hand replacements are plentiful, as Pete says.
  5. auto / manual engine??

    The engine is exactly the same as a manual. The engine in my old cabrio was out of an Auto and the only thing that had to be changed to run a manual clutch & 'box was the flywheel.
  6. Great fun pulling stuff apart, ain't it!! Have you found another shell yet?
  7. This is the proper way to do things... redesign the car from the ground up to run FI. Fair play for the time, trouble (and probably expense) you're going to to get things just right. Can't wait to see this one when it's finished!
  8. Antera309's R32

    The casualty list so far includes an Astra VXR, a Foicus RS & and Audi S3!!! (6)

    I'm now all booked up and confirmed for Saturday! For all of you that fancy taking on an R32 up the strip - get ready!!!
  10. inters

    I'm there on the Saturday.
  11. V6 4 motion vs R32

    Yep. When it comes to low-down torque, there is no substitute for extra CCs. If you want your VR to go just like an R32, I'm convinced that this would be the way to do it. Pete is right though, the engine is only half the story. A lower final drive helps matters enormously on the mk3 VR.
  12. V6 4 motion vs R32

    Yep! Pics to follow.
  13. VR6OC May Meet : 26th at Alton Towers

    On account of spending all my money on a new car, I'm gonna have to drop out on this one, I'm afraid. See you all at Inters!

    I'll be on the VR6OC stand for this one. Will confirm once booked.
  15. V6 4 motion vs R32

    Having had experience of both engines, I reckon that a 12v VR6 bored & stroked to 3.1 litres with a gasflowed big valve head, 264 cams and a schrick manifold would give you almost identical power and delivery to a stock R32.
  16. Haynes Manuals

    There is a Haynes manual for the Golf mk3, which covers everything apart from the VR6 engine itself. For engine work, the most widely used manual is the Bentley one, available from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Volkswagen-Cabrio-Service-Manual-1993-99/dp/0837603668/ref=sr_1_1/202-6871941-5468634?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1179872112&sr=8-1 Is it OK with everyone if I move this thread to the FAQ section? This question gets asked a lot.
  17. Very, very nice! The exterior & interior are pretty much impossible to improve upon, so you can concentrate your attention on the engine.... ....I hear the distant whine of a supercharger.....

    Never feel obliged to buy a car you have "won" on eBay if it is not EXACTLY as described (and very few are). Worst-case scenario is one negative feedback point on your eBay account, which sure beats buying a dog.
  19. Antera309's VR6 Cabrio

    Well it's now been sold, and I'm sure the new owner will have a great deal of fun with it. An all new project is coming soon. Watch this space!
  20. Need your Help Lads

    MCN Classifieds? Bike Trader?
  21. 12 second VR6 N/A any one remeber this?

    The idea is to install a light alloy rollcage, welded to all 4 suspension turrets, to get the chassis strength back.
  22. Electric windows and mirrors relay

    I retro-fitted electric mirrors onto a car that already had electric windows. There were no additional relays required for the mirrors, it was just a case of 2 door looms and one loom behind the dash. Having said that, I never figured out where the white plug on the dash loom (for the mirror heating function) went.
  23. Daily driver

    I did 50,000 miles in two years in my old VR6 without any mechanical problems whatsoever. However, it was 8 years old when I bought it with only 50k on the clock and a full VW service history, 2 lady owners from new. Examples like this are difficult to find these days, but if you can get hold of one, you should enjoy many miles of trouble-free motoring.
  24. 12 second VR6 N/A any one remeber this?

    I still have the mag that features this car. The engine is an almost standard VR6 - aftermarket cams, gas flowed head, straight-through 'zorst and uprated FPR, but that's about it. The weight loss is extreme though - floorpan cut out and thin ali plates welded in, perspex windows, fibreglass bootlid, bonnet, bumpers, motorcycle battery etc, on top of an extreme stripdown. Even the wheels are ultra-lightweight items. The thing weighs little more than a single-seater. It may not be pretty, but on the dragstrip it is devatstatingly effective and just goes to show how much the standard mk3's performance is hampered by weight! I've Never heard anything about this car since, maybe it was broken up. With a decent turbo install it would have been a 10-second car, no problem.