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  1. can the airbag

    If you need to run a rear-facing child seat in the front, the passenger airbag can be deactivated, but you need to take the car to a VW dealer to get this done (it's a VAG-COM job, but requires a dealer login)
  2. Newbie's VR

    Looks very clean - it's unusual to find a pre-96 mk3 without rust on the tailgate. When it comes to modding a VR, the suspension is always the best place to start. Good luck, and keep us informed of your progress!
  3. my vr6 tidy up

    *images resized* Looks like they've done a really good job with the respray. You must be chuffed!
  4. None VR6 - My boys

    Sorry, I must have missed you on Saturday, Claire. Brought a couple of mates along to this one and had to keep them entertained! You know how it is! LOL Did you manage to get hold of an R32 interior for your TDi in the end? mk2 looks lovely by the way - very clean!
  5. Gti- W12 unloading

    It's an expnesive piece of kit. All the panelwork is carbon fibre. Probably cost them half a million to build it. I'm thinking about a toned-down version, still rear engined & RWD, but with a cheaper twin turbo R36 engine and steel/plastic/aluminium panelwork instead of CF. Effectively an M3 challenger for £40k. That would definitely sell. Renault already did something very similar with the Clio.
  6. Inters - Your Thoughts?????

    Hi Shane, Firstly, thank you for coming on here and taking the time to respond. A lot of flak has been fired at GTI International for this year's event. But once you delve into the reasons for peoples' dissatisfaction, it all seems to boil down to just four things: 1) First, and most definitely foremost - Traders. Or, to be more specific, the amount that Inters is charging them for plots. The high price of trade stands at Inters seems to be the main reason (in some cases, the only reason) why traders are staying away. It is also one of the reasons why the traders that WERE there could not offer competitive pricing, the food people being the most notable example. You guys need to get together & brainstorm, speak to the organisers of other similar events, speak to the traders themselves, or better still, poll all the traders on your mailing list for their views, and don't stop until you've worked out a more acceptable charging scheme. Here's a few ideas: 1) Heavy discounts for booking next years trade plot a year in advance? 2) Very heavy discounts for booking the next 3 shows in advance? 3) Heavy discounts for first-timers? 4) Heavy discounts for one-man bands? 4) Charges based on % of takings rather than a flat fee? If you can attract traders en-masse, it might even justify a small hike in the attendance fee. It's all about "value for money" 2) The weather. Inters 2006 had bright sunshine all weekend and not a cloud in the sky. That show received a very positive response, even though the venue and layout was identical to this year's show (lack of traders was still raised as a problem, though). Obviously you guys can do nothing about the weather, but if you want to place traders on grass areas and the long-term forecast suggests possible rain, get yourselves some plastic walkways so that we don't all get too muddy. Here's a firm that hires the stuff out: http://www.esc-events.co.uk/hire/track.html Thoughtful touches like this make the world of difference. 3) The campsite. I didn't go there myself, but I have read lots of complaints about the site being on the side of a hill (a big problem for cars + mud), and there have also been complaints about the farmer that owned the land being rude to people. I would suggest that you don't use this campsite again. 4) Entertainment. Many people feel there should be more to do there than look at cars. Worthersee has a big stage with various entertainment going on all weekend. Even at Inters 2006 I can remember a radio DJ being there (on one of the audio manufacturers' stands if I remember rightly). You might find that many traders will be happy to provide entertainment if it will attract people to their stands. See (1) I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed Inters both this year and 2006, but then I'm a VW nut who can happily just walk around looking at awesome 'Dubs all day! With a few "tweaks" I'm sure that GTI International will silence all the critics and stake its claim as one of the best VW shows in Europe.
  7. Audi R8 flyby at inters

    Cool vids. What time were you there to catch all that?
  8. Snobbery

    VW is the people's car, whether it's a ratty 25-year old Polo or a brand spankin' new Phaeton W12 (why do we never see Phaetons at shows?). Snobbery is for the Mercedes, Porsche & BMW scenes.... not us! TG, did you see the Corrado with the Golf mk4 front end? that was even worse! I guess you have to respect these people for trying something different...
  9. Inters 07 sunday pics

    Did anyone notice that there are actually cars in the above pics? Quality phots, mate!
  10. My pics from Saturday: http://s11.photobucket.com/albums/a174/antera309/GTI%20International%202007/?start=all Videos: http://s11.photobucket.com/albums/a174/antera309/GTI%20International%202007/Videos/

    Definitely take your wellies. There's no way that ground is gonna dry out before tomorrow. and unless you are on show & shine (which is on tarmac), don't bother cleaning your car before you go.
  12. inters car parking

    The area with the VR6OC stand was fine. Not so for the poor UK mkIVs club - we had to help one guy get his car out of the mud over there. All the visitors car parking was on tarmac, so no problems there.
  13. Sorry it's taken so long getting the photos up - been too busy out driving it! It's pretty mint, only 30k on the clock. You have no idea how many dog rough R32s I looked at before I found this one! Mods so far include a VW MFD Sat Nav unit & ipod interface, amp'd Vibe 6x9s on a stealth shelf and a laser.. er.. parking sensor on the front. I also had the VW 6463 ECU update done, which has made it run super-smooth!
  14. Antera309's R32

    Thanks for all the positive comments! Supercharging is most definitely on the cards a year or so down the line. The Rotrex kits look particularly tasty....
  15. Inters - Pre show woes

    Haven't even started cleaning mine yet Got a half day off tomorrow, but if it rains then it's game over.
  16. Holding a phone and videoing the speedo & the road while driving at 130mph+ swerving in & out of traffic (onto the hard shoulder at one point) is complete lunacy. It's idiots like this that give us genuine motoring enthusiasts a bad name. I'm glad he got caught and I hope they take his licence away for a very long time...
  17. road tax

    Th only performance golf affected by the new £300 road tax band is the mk5 R32.
  18. inters

    I'm there Saturday.
  19. What are high-intensity number plates?

    The BS AU 145d thing is dodgy as heck. http://www.rogers.cwc.net/oligarchy.html
  20. R32 Hoax on Ebay

    This sounds like an Escrow fraud attempt. http://www.auctionbytes.com/cab/abn/y02/m10/i25/s01 If he did send pictures, they will have been copied from someone else's car ad.
  21. GTI International- Who's Booked for the stand??

    I'm booked & confirmed for Saturday! I'll try to be on time this time!
  22. Antera309's R32

    Already confirmed for the VR6OC stand on Saturday! I'd better start polishing.... 8-|