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  1. Right, I (and several others!) thought it would be a great idea to have a sticky thread for people's Rolling Road plots & figures after having mods done. A single point of reference for anyone who wants to know (roughly) how much extra power & torque they can expect from certain mods. If you've recently had your car rolling roaded, feel free to brag about the results here!! Be sure to include the following in your post: - The maximum power in BHP (and at what RPM) - The maximum Torque in lb-ft (and at what RPM) - What engine you have! ( VR6 2.8 , VR6 2.9 , 2.8 24v etc) - For 2.8 12v VR6 engines, whether yours is OBD1 or OBD2 - What car it's in (Golf mk2, Corrado, Golf mk3 etc) - The approximate mileage on your engine - What mods the car had on it (including remaps) at the time of the RR session. - Whether any problems are suspected to have affacted the figures (e.g. overfuelling, misfire etc) If you want to be really flash, post copies of the BHP & Torque plots too! To do this, get them into JPG format (by scanning or photographing them) and host the images on an external hosting site (such as Photbucket http://www.photobucket.com ) and link to them from here, by simply pasting the image URLs into your post (do not use {img} tags as the plots will most likely exceed 500x375 in size). If you have RR figures before and after a modification (or group of modifcations), so much the better! Obviously, everyone should bear in mind that different engines can produce different figures with the same modifications. Lots of factors come into play, such as mileage, condition and that some engines just come out of the factory better than others...
  2. How to tell if your VR6 is an OBD1 or an OBD2 You will see the terms OBD1 and OBD2 referred to a lot on this, and other, VW sites. In mid-1995, Volkswagen made some substantial changes to the specification of most of their cars. Cars prior to this change are termed OBD1, those after the change are referred to as OBD2. The OBD2 VR6 engine continued right up until 1998, when the 12-valve VR6 engine was discontinued in favour of the all-new 24-valve engine found in the Golf Mk4. OBD stands for "On Board Diagnostics" and refers to the type of engine management system used. However, the mid-1995 changes made were not confined to just the engine computer - several other enhancements were made to the brakes, suspension, bodywork and to the engine itself. This is why, when ordering just about any part for your VR6, you are always asked if your car was built before or after 1995. All Corrado VR6s are OBD1. Since the Corrado was discontinued in 1996 anyway, VW never bothered converting its 2.9 engine to OBD2. For all other models, follow the guide below: The easiest way to tell if your engine is OBD1 or OBD2 is to look at the throttle body. The throttle body is located where the inlet pipe meets the inlet manifold, circled in BLUE in this photo: OBD1 THROTTLE BODY This shows the throttle body on an OBD1 engine. Note the sensor attached to the side of the throttle body, and the two coolant hoses going into the top. Close-up: OBD2 THROTTLE BODY This shows the throttle body on an OBD2 engine. Note the large black plate on the side of the throttle body and the sensor on the top. The two coolant hoses go into the side of the throttle body, rather than the top. Close-up: Other differences between OBD1 and OBD2 - Golf mk3 only As mentioned, numerous other changes were made to the Golf VR6 in 1995 to co-incide with the engine changes. These are the most important ones: Bodywork - OBD1 Other than the badges and the wheels, OBD1 (1992-1995) VR6 models were identical in appearance to the GTI, with textured black plastic wheel arch trims and side rubbing strips. The tops of the bumpers are also in matching textured black plastic. The side rubbing strips have the VR6 badge on them: OBD1 models also have rectanular side indicators on the front wings: Bodywork - OBD2 On OBD2 (1996-1998) VR6 models, the wheel arch trims were deleted. The bumpers and side rubbing strips are fully painted in body colour. OBD2 models have more oval-shaped side indicators on the front wings: Anti-lock Braking Systsem - OBD1 OBD1 VR6 models use the TEVES-04 ABS system. The ABS Pump & distribution module, located at the back of the engine bay, on the passenger side, looks like this: Anti-lock Braking Systsem - OBD2 OBD2 Golf VR6s use the more advanced TEVES-20 GI ABS system. The ABS Pump & distribution module, located at the back of the engine bay, on the passenger side, looks like this: Front brakes - OBD1 OBD1 Golf VR6s have 280mm disc brakes on the front, with a caliper design the same as that on late Golf mk2 models: Front brakes - OBD2 OBD2 Golf VR6s have larger 288mm discs up front, with a new caliper design also seen on the Golf Mk4:
  3. What fuel economy should I expect from my Golf VR6? From the experience of the VR6OC's members, the average fuel consumption figures for a standard (or lightly modified) VR6 are: Urban: 19-24mpg Motorway: 27-31mpg Depending on how hard it is being driven!!
  4. cabrio now charged ... update ... 2nd update

    There's only one thing better than the whining howl of a supercharged VR6. And that's the whining howl of an supercharged VR6 with the roof down I miss my cabrio....
  5. VR Road tax ???

    Yeah, it's insane.
  6. VR Road tax ???

    The environment really doesn't have anything to do with it. Look at the bandings. When you go from 110g/km of CO2 to 120g/km of CO2, your road tax goes up by a tenner. But when you go from 180g/km to 190g/km - the SAME increment - your tax goes up by £55!! Even though the environmental impact of the two actions is EXACTLY THE SAME! Labour just use the words "green" and "environmental" to describe ANY policy that financially clobbers motorists. Anyone who voted for these con artists should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Anyone who didn't vote, when they could have voted against them, should be even more ashamed.
  7. Cabages

    Ahh, but how many of them have been "Word association game" posts?
  8. Easter weekend

    Selling the R32 Maybe buying a mk5 GTi
  9. Claudette - probably the best pair of legs I've ever seen. Bum ain't bad either!
  10. New car tax budget

    I'm seriously thinking about going LPG on my next car. LPG is taxed at less than half the rate of petrol & diesel. But eveyone knows this is only because there aren't enough people on LPG to make a big tax hike on this fuel worth the Government's time. People are put off by the the horror stories about exploding tanks (untrue), big hikes in insurance premiums for LPG-converted cars (usually untrue) and the extortionate price garages charge for the conversions (true). But if you can buy a car that has already been converted, you have nothing to lose. It won't help with the road tax, but will save you a fortune on fuel, especially if you do a big annual mileage.
  11. [poll] 5 door VR6 wheel size Poll

    Depends on what look you're after. For an ultra-low "Euro" stance, go for 16s on stretched rubber. For an "OEM plus" look go for 17s. 16's (with unstretched rubber!) are the optimum if you intend to do track days.
  12. New car tax budget

    Even my girlfriend's pig-slow 2003 1.6 Astra has gone up by 70 quid a year FFS. The only good news is for people that own performance diesels. My brother bought his mk4 GTI Anniversary PD 150 two years ago for £9500 with 40k on the clock. It's now got 70k on the clock, is two years older and he's had people offering him £11,000 for it. The budget, combined with irregular fuel taxation has turned the second-hand car market upside down. Thankfully all you people with mk3 VRs are immune. A**hole Darling has committed to only increasing VED on pre-2001 cars in line with inflation.
  13. New car tax budget

    mk4 R32s and 2.8 4Motions registered between March 2001 and March 2006 get the biggest spanking - up from £210 to £440, a 110% increase. The biggest road tax increase in history.. Second hand values of R32s dropped by £500 overnight. Thanks for that, Alistair. Much appreciated you f**king money-grabbing c*nt :@ My R32 went up for sale yesterday. :-( I love that car, but I'm not paying that bunch of w**kers that I never even voted another £440 a year just for being allowed to own it. It goes against all my principles. If anyone has a pre-2001 Golf 4Motion they want to sell, please let me know.
  14. New car tax budget

    Please sign this petition asking the PM to scrap the retroactive application of the new, higher Road tax bands to older (2001-2006) cars: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/UNFAIR-VED/ Over 2500 signatures already and it's only been up for a few hours.
  15. As the title says. Which colour would you go for? Place your votes! The colours in these photoshops have been matched against photos of actual engine bays, so the colours are pretty accurate. Yellow: Blue: Red: Purple: Green: Orange: Black:
  16. There seems to be alot of hate for the mk3????

    A bit unfair, if you ask me. If the mk2 was such a great package straight from the factory, why are there so few standard ones left?
  17. R32 Buyers guide

    Here are a few pointers for those looking to buy a Golf mk4 R32.... The R32 was available as a 3-door or a 5-door in the following colours: Deep Blue Pearl Effect ("electric blue") = 813 made Diamond Black Pearl Effect (similar to Highline "Black Magic") = 755 made Reflex Silver Metallic = 615 made Indigo Blue Pearl Effect (a dark, navy blue) = 76 made Moonlight Blue Pearl Effect (a very dark blue, almost black) = 57 made Tornado Red = 44 made Grey Anthracite Pearl Effect ("Gunmetal Grey") = 31 made Deep blue, Diamond black & Reflex silver are by far the most common colours. Indigo Blue, Moonlight blue & Tornado red are much rarer. Grey Anthracite is extremely rare. Climate control, 6-speed 'box, electric windows & mirrors, Gamma stereo with 6-disc in-dash changer, Xenon headlamps, headlamp washers & 1/2 leather / cloth heated seats were all standard. Options were: - 1/2 leather / suede heated seats - Full leather heated seats - Sunroof (electrically operated) - VW MFD Sat Nav (with boot-mounted 6 disc CD changer) - Cruise control - Space-saver spare wheel (otherwise you just get a 12v pump and a can of tyre repair foam) VW MFD Sat Nav: Instrument cluster on an R32 with factory sat-nav (note full-height central information display): Instrument cluster on an R32 without factory sat nav (central information display only half-height): Indicator stalk on a car with cruise control: Half leather / cloth seats: Full leather seats: As standard, the R32 puts out 241BHP @ 6250RPM and 236lb-ft @2800RPM At the time of writing, prices range from about £12,000 for tatty & high mileage examples, up to £17000 for complete minters on dealer forecourts. Sellers usually think their R32s are worth more than they actaully are. Buying a 2003 model with 30-40k on the clock privately you should be looking to pay no more than £14,500 (maybe £15k if it has factory sat nav) You would have thought that on cars only 4-5 years old, serious problems would be quite rare. Think again. A lot of R32s out there have been run by younger blokes who can't afford to maintan them properly. This seems to be particularly true of the deep blue ones. MAF sensor failure is common, resulting in a poor idle, throttle hesitation & lack of power. £400 to put right. Failure of the radiator fans is also a common fault. With the climatronic set to "Auto", the radiator fans should run constantly at low speed (almost silent). If they do not turn, or keep alternating between off and high speed (noisy) then the fans are knackered and must be replaced at a cost of £450 (the parts alone are over £200). Listen for clonking & clicking noises coming from the suspension as you go over bumps and manouver slowly at full lock. Failure of the front strut top mounts is partcularly common. I'm not sure how much this costs to put right, but I doubt it's cheap. Beware of any R32 that has been lowered. This can knacker the diff over time. Check that the Haldex oil was changed at 20k, or soon thereafter. This is a £150 job. Many UK R32s suffered from a flat spot / hesitation between 2000 & 3000RPM. This was a VW recall item and the fix was to apply the VW 6463 update to the ECU. If the car exhibits jerky acceleration at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle between 2000 & 3000RPM chances are this update hasn't been done. Some dealers will do this update free of charge, even on out-of-warranty cars. See HERE for further information. The flat spot should not be an issue on a remapped R32. VAG-COM engine controller page on an ECU that has the 6463 update applied (note the 6463 in the "Component" field): Milltek exhausts are a common mod. These have fatter tailpipes, sound very juicy and increase power a bit (especially in conjunction with an ECU remap). But be aware that there are two versions - one with a resonated centre section and one with a straight-through. The straight-through Milltek is VERY noisy and probably not what you want on a daily driver. You want the one with the resonated centre section. The resonated Milltek costs £600-£700 fitted, so there is money to be saved if you can find an R32 with one already fitted. R32s were VERY popular with thieves. There are a lot of previously stolen/recovered ones that are recorded as CAT D. An HPI check is ESSENTIAL. A CAT D record knocks at least £2500 off the value of the car. An HPI check will also show you if the car has any finance still owing. Walk away if it does. Vandal damage is also a problem with these. Look for keyscratches and badly repaired panel damage. The deep blue ones seem to incite the most jealousy, unfortunately. The interior is standard mk4 stuff, apart from the Konig seats, the fatter steering wheel and a few bits of aluminium trim dotted about the place.. The 1/2 leather seats are very hard-wearing, but the full leather ones can suffer quite badly with bolster wear and unsightly sagging on the seat base. Full leather seats showing bolster wear and sagging: Fuel economy-wise, expect ~28mpg on the motorway and ~22mpg round town, averaging out at about 24-25mpg. Road tax (at the time of writing) is £205 a year. I think that covers the main things. The R32 is a devastatingly effective point-to-point car and an almost perfect balance between performance, comfort & practicality. It has all the strengths of the Golf VR6 (lovely noise, exciting power delivery and that "unburstable" feeling), but none of its weaknesses (i.e. poor torque at low revs, lazy gear ratios and traction problems). Find a good one and you'll wonder how you could have ever driven anything else. As I said, look at as many as you can before buying. Good luck! If anyone else wants to share their experiences buying an R32 or has any further advice, please reply to this thread!
  18. r32 brakes

    The R32 uses two-pot floating calipers up front and a 334mm disc. It is the same setup as on the Passat W8 and is totally different to the TT/Golf4Motion 312mm setup. The R32 calipers are much bigger.
  19. Edition 38 - What's happened

    It was a bit of a wind-up by the admins, those cheeky so-and-so's!
  20. converting auto to manual on a vr6

    It's do-able but quite tricky. The dash has to come off and the pedal box needs to be changed for a manual one. Then you have to swap the flywheel, clutch and of course the box itself. Then fit the hydraulic clutch circuit & rewire the reversing light switch.
  21. im famous dont u know ....

    Golf+ have been after a decent modded mk3 cabrio for some time. They wanted to feature mine, but I never got round to sorting it. Go for it, mate!
  22. Girlfriend killed it

    That looks pretty nasty. Hope your girlfriend is OK and not too shaken up. I guess it's time to start looking for another VR. Good job they're pretty cheap these days..
  23. The Apple iPhone...

    I'm gonna wait for the "version 2" with 3g compatibility and all the bugs ironed out.
  24. Engine saga :s

    It's not worth paying VW's prices for coolant hoses. They charge £50+ for just one hose and there's nothing to say another hose won't blow 6 months down the line. Do £160 on a set of Samcos and you will never have to worry about it again. They look far nicer too. http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=918
  25. Engine saga :s

    Quantum Synta Silver semi-synth 10W-40 is definitely the correct oil for a VR6. It is well cheeky that they charged you for fully synth, but there's no reason that I can think of why their fully synth (synta Gold) would cause an overheat if used. Did the service involve anything other than an oil change? If it involved anythng to do with the coolant system or something that required coolant hoses to be disturbed then I'd say you definitely have a case.