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  1. oh no company car - the vr is going!!

    yeah i would love to keep it guys but i went a bit mad at uni and now i got debts to pay!! i will definately pass on my vr6oc account with the car - it been excellent for nearly 3 years now! the car's on auto trader now!!
  2. oh no company car - the vr is going!!

    oh yeah and has any1 got a gmail account i want an invite
  3. Iv'e been stupid lads! (and ladies) i've got a job!! unfortunately this means the vr has to go. every time i get into my company car (diesel astra!!!) and pull away from my house there's almost a tear in my eye - probably all those diesel fumes! i'm already missing the golf and i haven't sold it yet!!
  4. Anyone who has a k&n filter!

    Ok Its probably the way i fitted it or something but it has rubbed thru a fuel line next to it! Luckily it happened in my garage and the 3 foot petrol fountain was easily spotted!! its only been on about 1000 miles but might be worth checking?? Ah sunday mornings in the garage with my vr.....just slightly beats watching hollyoaks with the girlfriend haha!
  5. Broken Aux Water Pump

    i did this last week too. got if from euro carparts for about 70 quid i think. the new one is a bit more sturdy with srews holding the bottom on!
  6. RE; fixed water leak DanVR6

    hi. i've got to do the thermostat housing tomorrow too. any tips?? anything go wrong when you were doing it? I'd appreciate any help as i haven't got a manual! thanks Ryan
  7. thanks xbones looks like i gotta save for a bmc and TB too now!!!
  8. hope i don't get too slated here but here goes....What do cams do. what i mean is how do these new ones improve the engine and are there any negative things to consider? Thanks
  9. Handbrake warning light?

    OK thanks i think i'll check the brake fluid before i leave work!!!
  10. In the last week, the light on the dash that comes on when the handbrake is on lights up under hard accelleration. has anyone else had this and is the light a warning for anything else? It all started after i was testing 0-60 and 1/4 mile times with a performance tester - should've known better!! got 7.3 to 60 and 15.8 for a 1/4 mile with my mate in the car and all the stereo stuff in the boot. not too bad for a standard car thats over 10 years old? Any help would be much appreciated
  11. iPod and iTunes problem

    has anyone got the pioneer ipod connecting kit? just wondered if it works well - can u use it like a cd changer from the headunit?
  12. front end twitch?????????

    I can't tell you whats wrong but i've never felt anything like that even at high speed - its definately not normal?
  13. Which induction kit and exhaust?

    hi, i've been looking at a bmc but dunno whether itll do my head in on the motorway is it very noticeable at about a 100 cheers
  14. koni/eibach..

    hi, i've got koni/eibach setup and i'm happy with it (not that i've ever had anything different on the car) the front shocks were £230 a pair and i'm waiting on a price for the rears - they just bust. The fronts got changed last month but they've all been on the car 10 years - so i can reccomend them for durability. I'm keeping the springs they seem ok. Also the car hardly ever catches on speed bumps and stuff - except for stupid asda.
  15. Hi guys bit of techy help please. When adjusting the rear bearings do you adjust to a torque setting or is end float required in the bearings. Thanks Ryan