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  1. Hi everyone hope use are all good , just wondering could someone point me in the right direction on finding a very high cbd with medium strength thc weed please thanks in advance
  2. I'm just now trying to get a skincare routine together. But I'd like the simplest and cheapest(without compromising anything). My skin is dry and sometimes sensitive. Currently I use a soap bar(palmolive) to cleanse both my face and body then moisturise with lotion(vasseline intensive care essential healing lotion). And that's it I know I need to add spf and I'm not sure the bar soap I'm using is great it's quite drying but I would like products that I could use on both my face and body
  3. Hi All, Does anyone recommend any auto transport companies to use for shipping?
  4. hello, since the Lume pad has 2 cameras, do you think it could be used for 3d scanning?
  5. Hey there! It's great that you're considering buying a rotary table for making duck calls. Rotary tables can definitely help you achieve precision and accuracy in your work. When buying a rotary table, it's important to ensure that it's compatible with your equipment. I suggest researching the specific rotary table you found on eBay to see if it's compatible with your equipment. If you need more clarification, you could always contact the seller and ask for more information.
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