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    Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    Ive got a mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red original car with full leather interior and 11 months mot, 126k had sill welded recently and water pump seal replaced runs like a beast only issues are needs boot lock and bonnet cable. Sold over and over to be let down last minute people don’t get the quality of this car with the age, doors/sunroof and colour! It’s so annoying looking around there at more like 4K don’t get why mine at £2300 get messed around? Maybe too cheap think it’s dodgy or what? Up for sell or swap on it
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    Ah good, but sad news. Good to hear it’s going to someone who will care for her. [emoji1360]
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    ohh that's good then it was a credit to you m8 👍😊
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    Nice looking motor there mate. Lucky to find that synchro hidden away. Looks like a fairly clean one too. Keep up the good work. [emoji106]
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    stunning pal 👍