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  3. Omg £300....I can’t remember what I paid, but man that’s a lot. Nice one let’s hope it resolves the issues and she’s running like a dream again [emoji1303].
  4. I've just ordered a re-conditioned one for £102. The bosh one for a new one was over £300
  5. https://vwpartsinternational.com/shop/badges-styling/vw-golf-mk3-vr6-maf-mass-air-flow-meter-genuine-oem-vw-used-021-906-462/ Out of stock bah ! Call them they may be able to source something. I had to get mine directly from Bosch if I remember right.
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  7. Tyler89

    Hello and welcome Enjoy the mk4 [emoji41]
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  9. Tyler89

    Hi there I’m new to this site I have a 01 golf gti vr6 from Canada
  10. Will send PM now. Thanks
  11. More members set to benefit from Chris Knott service

    Hi Harry-vr6, if you can PM me your real name and postcode I'll give you a definitive answer as to why the rates are what they are for you this year. We don't set the rates of course, that's the insurers themselves. I'm very happy to investigate and report back though. best, Nick
  12. Used your service for past 4 years price and service was fantastic, now the premium is stupidly high and i seem to get loads of different excuses from the team. Its either the "post code" is bad or the vehicle is in a high insurance group etc etc. I cant even insure a BMW without providing some evidence! Now i had a 1.9 tdi golf mk5 insured with you the premium was fair at £500 per annum now that iv upgraded to a mk6 2.0 tdi im seeing an increase, £3000 plus milage restrictions! Iv just recently asked for a quote which was in the region of £3000! I don't believe the company looks at relevant driver / vehicle experience as you have quoted in many threads and above otherwise i would still be with you (13 years driving experience which includes vehicles such as BMW M3, ASTON MARTIN DB9 and 2 PORSCHE 911's with 4 years Ncb earned through chris knott) it seems loyalty doesn't pay off! Your staff told me the under writer could not quote me however When i shopped around i was quoted around £700, so I mentioned this and hey presto the same under writer matched the quote -£20! To top it off a fraudulent claim was made against me by a cyclist there was NO ACCIDENT NO impact NO damage and no injuries, just some scumbag trying it on, the case was dropped by the cyclists solicitor as it was quite evident it was a bogus claim. This is now logged on my record as a non fault accident! It seems like someone can get your registration plate and accuse you of hit and run and the insurance company knowing its a false/fraudulent claim still log it as a non fault claim. I informed the authorities regarding this but still I have to suffer the consequence of a jacked up premium. After emailing your staff if they could do any better with the quote i was told its £3000 + and then i was ignored. I thought a quotation was valid for 10 days?
  13. You guys have spiked your prices !!
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  15. Looking for a new maf sensor I'll keep you updated
  16. Hey guys and gals not sure if im posting in the right area but i have an engine and stainless steel 6-2-1 manifold for sale id take £170 for the engine which has a blue samco hose kit and £75 for manifold or £230 for the pair if bought together, sorry for the bad pics can take better ones if needed.
  17. Any joy Or byte the bullet and get someone to take a look?
  18. Kizen

  19. Hi, Share a pic of your car on one of our social media pages and you could win a great prize. As a specialist car insurance broker, Chris Knott Insurance works with many of the UK's car clubs, forums and enthusiast groups, insuring both classic cars and modern/modified vehicles. However, we don't often get to see the lovely cars that are so important to you and the car community. You can change all that and maybe win a prize in the process... This Summer we're inviting you to post a photo of your car on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (whether you're a Chris Knott client or not) and show us what you've got. In return you'll have the chance to WIN a huge bundle of AutoFinesse car cleaning/detailing products - full details at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/news/chris-knott-show-shine-competition-2019.html HOW TO ENTER It's really simple! Just post your pic on one of our social media pages. Here are the specific instructions for each of the 3 main platforms (all our accounts are @ChrisKnottIns): FACEBOOK INSTRUCTIONS: COMMENT "#ShowAndShine" on our post at the link below and ADD your car photo. Please LIKE our page and SHARE the post. https://www.facebook.com/ChrisKnottIns/videos/2023300087964199/ TWITTER INSTRUCTIONS: REPLY "#ShowAndShine" on our post at the link below and ADD your car photo. Please FOLLOW our page and RETWEET the post. https://twitter.com/ChrisKnottIns/status/1124334280652599298 INSTRAGRAM INSTRUCTIONS: Post your car pic ON YOUR OWN ACCOUNT and TAG @ChrisKnottIns in the picture itself. Then COMMENT using the tag #ShowAndShine. Please FOLLOW our account. CLOSING DATE Of course we'll be watching throughout and enjoying seeing your cars but after 31st August 2019 we'll start the shortlisting process to whittle down the entries to a final few for consideration. Then we'll pick the overall winner of this fantastic detailing prize.
  20. hello! i have tried to get my mk3 golf vr6 2.9 syncro going with my new megasquirt 2 v3.0. i have had it starting and been taking it for a ride with the ms installed but now the second coilpack is dead... when the engine was still sparking it run okay exept on idle where the engine seemed to running on 5.5 cylinders.. the first coilpack was dead right away when i installed the ms in the car and tried to start it for the first time. why i do not no... had one extra lying around so put that in and got the car going and have been trying to tune it to run better. but now the second coilpack has died and i have no clue why the die? the ms is built to drive the coilpack. it is a K-data plug and play box with ms2/extra v3.0 board. the only thing i can see in the tunerstudio that can kill the coilpack is if you turn "spark output" setting to "going high" (inverted), but the box came loaded with a base tune and it was set to "going low" (normal) and still is and always have been. if i understand right the coilpack have internal amplifiers and are "logic" coilpack so they should be driven by 5v signal and that should be the "going low" setting? "going high" setting is 12v? it is getting a good vr signal, 12v supply to the coil is good, i have led tested the signal wires and the give signal from the megasquirt do you guys have any idea of what is killing the coilpacks?
  21. I am thinking there maybe some adjustment needed on the regulator. I just had a new regulator and that was not due to water getting in. I think the new regulator has maybe been fitted but not adjusted correctly. The seal is literally in as new condition. Steve
  22. Yes, I think any 5 door mk3 front seals will fit, but I have been looking for them and can't see any right now. Will keep an eye open.. not sure the cling film route will last very long tbh. Steve
  23. club stands

    Sounds good, could always bob along in the Wife's VR6 I suppose..
  24. Standard VR airbox

    Not needed after upgrade, unmolested, not needed after upgrade. offers as it has to go.
  25. Standard VR diff

    No longer needed after upgrade. offers as they have to go.
  26. Standard VR cams

    Original cams no longer needed after upgrade. offers as they have to go.
  27. The guy who revamped my car had to get new seals for the rear and it was cheaper to buy new windows with seals included! I'll admit I haven't looked for front ones. Surely any Mk3 Golf bits should fit. It has been suggested to me to just to cover the window motor in clingfilm and spray with WD40.
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