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Here's mine, from Mexico.


1997 Tornado red GLX Vr6 Jetta. (still in process and will be on the same situation for looong time haha)
Dads 1980 Mk1 Beige VR6 Caddy (will post pictures soon, already on my facebook albums: https://www.facebook.com/jaime.lunav )


Engine: Stock 2.8, 4.0 bar Fuel Pressure reg, Mk4 Bremi/STi red spark plug wires w/pulers, K&N Drop air filter, ported/gutted/swischessed airbox,


Exhaust: 6-2-1 Stainless Steel headers, 2.5" piping, non cat, non resonators, Remus Muffler.


Interior: Momo Champion Steering wheel w/ custom VR6 center button, Audi TT Shift Knob, Audi TT Pedal Covers


Exterior: Very damaged paint :P, Votex Mud Flaps (4 corners), Euro Spec rear license plate holder, OBD1 3 slat grille, VR6 Front lip

Suspension: Stock OEM VR6 (High as hell), Poly A-arm bushing; Germany tech (Borbet Type A reps) 16x7.5 front, 16x9 rears.(need to work on the fitment, those are not for daily) daily wheels, BBS RA 442 from OBD1 vr6.


Brakes: Custom Stock 288mm front disc, drilled and slotted, stock rear discs Slotted ATE design, ceramic brake pads.

Future plans: Full Respray in the same Tornado Red, Coilovers, Neuspeed Stabilizer bars (already in home), Smoked Ecodes, Smoked front bumper lights and side markers, cams, chip, ported intake manifold, new modified clutch ( lightweight fly wheel alrady installed).



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