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did anybody look into what parts are needed? ive found a set of salks on ebay.com along with a control module i think he called it from a 95 passat here's linky's to the bit i found, would these be it or will i need vagcom to activate it? any help would be great as im a lazy git and holding the accelerator still on the motor way is to much like hard work lol



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list of parts folks:

Speed Regulator Part# 443 907 305 A

Turn Signal Stalk Part# 535 953 513 B

Vacuum Pump Part# 171 907 325

Also use Part# 701 907 325

Vacuum Pump Mounting Bracket Part# 357 907 341

Throttle Control Element (Diaphragm) Part# 357 907 327

Throttle Control Bracket Part# 357 721 819

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