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Was the Mk3 Golf VR6 ever offered with 4WD?

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VW produced a 4-Wheel-Drive version of the Golf Mk3 VR6 called the "Golf VR6 Syncro". It used a viscous coupling system similar (but not identical) to that in the Golf Mk2 Rallye. The system transmits all engine power to the front wheels normally, but if front wheel slip is detected, up to 40% of the engine's power is redirected to the rear wheels until traction is restored.


Not only did the Syncro get 4WD, it also got the 2.9 litre, 190BHP VR6 engine from the Corrado. This helped to offset the additional power lost through the 4WD system. The straight-line performance of the VR6 Syncro is very similar to that of the normal FWD Golf VR6. Off-the line traction and cornering ability (especially in the wet) is greatly improved, though!

Unfortunately, the Golf VR6 Syncro was only ever sold in Mainland Europe, and all examples are left-hand-drive. A number of Syncros have been imported into the UK by enthusiasts, however, and they do come up on the second-hand market from time to time. They are EXTREMELY rare in the UK, though.

If you want one, the best place to look is in German second-hand car classifieds and German eBay. When searching, note the European spelling of "syncro" (not the English spelling, "synchro")


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