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Info for anyone with OE VW Scorpion 5000 alarm system - you won't like it!!!

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Dunno if anyone knows this (hopefully my insurance won't find out).

The above system, as installed as standard on the VR6 iirc, is no longer Thatcham approved, AT ALL!!!!! Not even Cat 2. !ill

Contacted the parent company, and as many of you know the company that made the alarms went bust. I asked for operating instruction which they sent me (can email to anyone if they want), and also asked what Thatcham Cat the system is. The answer i got back was this:


User instructions enclosed

This system is no longer Thatcham approved.

Tony Heys

Scorpion Automotive[/blockquote]

Does this mean all our insurance policies are invalid? x)

I hope fcuking not!!!!!!!! :((

PM if you want the user manual (pdf format) http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/pm/pm.php?get.32554.0

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Just spoke to a the very nice chap from Scorpion.

Apparently, if your lucky enough to be the owner of the vehicle when the system was installed and your name is on the installation certificate as the owner then you are still 'Thatcham Approved".

Any original owners on here?????? :(:((

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how many present owners are likely to be on the insurance certificate? not alot i guess as most were fitted when the cars were about a year old wasnt they? i knew they wasnt a cat 1 or 2 as i went through all this with my insurance (adrian flux) when i bought the car.id like to get operation manaul and maybe get a new remote programed ive got a new uncoded remote but as there that old i dont think they can do it any more?

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well according to my install cert it was installed oct 1997. When was yours installed mate?

october 1997 when it was first sold! on the Nigel Grogan vw alarm fitters sheet it did not cater for the 950 series only upto 900 others listed are logic 100, 101, 200, 600, 800, and 900, the 900 is listed as thatcham approved TC1 190/0695 the 950 must be the next version produced as it was written on the sheet, its total closure and all that buisness, mine is definately still thatcham cat 1 its still listed with bell insurance anyway, maybe newer cars have to have better systems? cant see how if something was cat 1 it cant be now???

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mines a late 95, so the system was installed 2 yrs later. I have docs for a vsl system, which i believe was on there first.

Y still not cat 1? don't ask me mate, i'm shocked it's not still cat 1. sent the docs to brentacre today anyway. If they have a problem then they'll have to tell me

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hey guys, if you have not got your thatcham approved certificate, assume its not approved. Most insurance companies want to see proof....most of us dont bother sending these things in to them...don't gamble on your insurance.

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Hello peeps,

I just wanted to chuck my 2p in as an insurance underwriter...

On thatchams detailed listings http://www.thatcham.org/security/pdfs/compliance.pdf it says that the 5000 is a deleted system. It's worth reading what a deleted system actually means.

The extract;


Adding and Deleting Systems

System names are periodically added to the list based upon those systems which have complied with the Criteria. From time to

time systems will be deleted from the list. There are two possible reasons for this:

· The system has ceased to be available. The system may or may not be replaced by another system with a different

name. Deleted systems may be superseded by new systems.

· The system is not maintaining compliance with the Criteria or is exhibiting high warranty or theft experience in the field.

The Production Audit process may illuminate non-compliances.

Deletions may be effected instantly at any listing. In order to clearly point out deletions they will be listed separately.

Important: If a significant safety or security issue is raised, leading to a system deletion, Thatcham will immediately issue a

“Deletions Bulletin†to all Member Companies advising them of the situation.

Recommendations to Insurers for handling deletions

It is recommended that Insurers adopt the following approach for dealing with deletions:

· From the designated deletion date, do not recognise the deleted system for new business.

For existing customers continue to recognise the system indefinitely as a valid system or continue to recognise it if it was fitted

prior to application for insurance cover (new customers).

Note: Normally deleted systems should still attract insurance discounts and concessions but only if installed prior to theissuing of the current listing"

So as long as the system was fitted prior to deletion the policies should be a okay, but do check!



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How do I find out if I have one of these alarms?

The alarm on mine appears to have been fitted from new. Its a full closure system, and the remote doesnt look like any of the remotes on the 'googled' replacement scorpion remote link.

Also - I cannot seem to see any brand/model identification marks on the remote or siren.

Reason I ask..

I need another remote... this one is packing up (most likley the battery which I will change soon) and I also just need the 2nd remote as a spare.

My insurance policy has it listed as a 'dealer fitted security system from new', so hopefully that should cover me.

Worst case - I could get another device fitted for a couple of hundred, but I'd rather not have to!

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is this the alarm key fobs you are talking about?


if so these can easily be recoded by removing the badge above both buttons to reveal a small screw' date=' hold in the left hand button and turn the screw slowly and the alarm will find the frequency of the car


Just been reading thro the posts trying to fathom out why my alarm fob won't do anything even after i put in a brand new mn21.

I stupidly thought this was a screw to undo the key fob and twiddled willy-nilly with a screwdriver.

Does the ignition need to be on or off to try to retune the signal?

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