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Hey all! I have 2 ideas for exhaust setup mached up with paint. Number 1 is my favorite idea, but the downpipes wont be easy. Number 2 is an alternate version that i think wont be much louder than what i got now, but could be pretty droney. What i have right now is suitcase resonator delete, and replaced mufflers with straight through style aerochamber These, Check it out the technology is kinda interesting. they already kinda drone a little(might be the mufflers though) but yea i want to go louder. ive heard someones vr6 corrado with 1 cat, 1 muffler, 1 resonator and it sounded amazing so thats why im thinking moving to either 1 resonator or 1 muffler for more volume. what would you guys do 1 or 2?


also one other thing, a little bit of theory i guess: do you guys know if the length of empty pipe after either a resonator or mufflers matters? if you look at stock systems they almost always got some space inbetween except for the very end mufflers. lets say you have a resonator but then you  dont even have say 2 feet before the muffler came, would resonator job already be done? i wonder this because if i did #2 picture, the only resonator is already very far down the exhaust line.


there is a possible 3rd option but it would require some pretty custom work at those front resonators section. they could make it combine into 1 pipe there and i have 1 resonator instead of 2, and then i have the 1 muffler in the location of pic #1, that was i keep the early resonator, later muffler system but only have to buy 1 resonator and muffler.

vr6 future exhaust.jpg


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