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Troops, Good evening!


Firstly, let me apologise if it's just plain irritating that there is yet ANOTHER VR6T post requesting assistance. 

HOWEVER, I have trawled and trawled through the internet for seconds, minutes, hours, days & weeks! Now, I have finally defected to the one stop place for all information gurus before it became months!


So, I've got a VR6 with the AUE engine code, I bought the car for £500 from a colleague at work (Forces) - it was too good to pass on. Slight bubbling on the bodywork, engine has (had) a bottom end knock, I took a chance replacing the conrod bearings, oil and filter, and crank sensor to attempt to rectify the faults aforementioned. I'm quite sufficient with the tools, and repair MOD vehicles daily as part of work, so I'd say I know my way around an engine. (Not that makes any difference as to whether my post is just plain stupid!)


The engine has since been pulled and I'm in the process of rebuilding, sending the crank off to be reground, the head skimmed and a full overhaul of the engine before refitting to the chassis. 


Now, my query is 'what do I need to make good power' 'how do I turbo my engine' etc etc. 


I need information regarding the intake/ecu tuning/turbo fitting. I've seen numerous posts referencing other engine codes, and more specifically the 12V, but the 24V AUE - not so much on the net. There was one bloke, who had an AUE turbo making good figures back in 2017, but the post is so old the photos are now archived for me and I can't gauge any idea on it! 


I've emailed Vince at Stealth racing UK as others have mentioned on other posts, but again, to no avail. 


I want to know the generic details on the build idea. Whether it's financially doable sub £1500 (not including basic engine parts for initial rebuild) and potential on tuning the ECU to accommodate/ or if I have to run standalone ECU. 

What intake do I need, as I've read the OEM plastic intake blows under boost. 


Ideally, I have the vehicle turbo converted, running around 350/400hp for approximately £2000 all in. (giving £500 room for anything that MUST be budgeted into the cost)


Thank you in advance for the help/replies/ 'come on mate, be realistic' comments. 



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