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Dear VR6 fans,

I have a problem with the bracket 357 971 899 G. It was removed from my car by an unprofessional mechanic some time ago.

Now I am trying to restore it to its default place to fix cables and connectors, but I don't know where it is placed and what is the part (I assume it is also missing) that is used to mount it to the gearbox case.

Does anyone know where to put it?



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Welcome VGPowered,


I think that plastic bracket sits on top of the front engine mount and the connectors for the Crank sensor and the front Knock sensor connect up to the loom. The harness to the alternator also clips in at the top.


In the picture (Gearbox end to the bottom of the pic - radiator to the left), you can just see it under the air-con pipe.


Hope that helps.



Have fun!


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From memory, there is a black metal bracket that the starter motor is bolts to (two long bolts), and the other end sits on the front engine mount.

The plastic holder sits on top of this bracket and clips onto it.

I'll try and get a pic this week...

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