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Newbie admitting defeat (for sale MK2 vr6)

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Putting some feelers out and admitting defeat on my project vr6.

I've got a H reg big bumper genuine GTI 3 door in Atlas Grey. This is a project car but complete.

The car was originally converted by Storm developments back in the day, it was a daily runner for me for years then was taken off the road to save millage on the shell. I got carried away and it turned into a full strip overhaul and shaved bay. Too many years later the car is still unfinished. My tastes have changed and I wanted to return the car to OEM+ but due to circumstances and lack of time it breaks my heart to admit defeat. I will list as much as I can remember that would be included with the sale. I will not part this car out as it is far too good and needs completed. So here goes...


First off total honesty of what would be needed...

Passengers door (can be repaired but I would replace)
Head liner
Windscreen glass
Some weld repairs on footwell
Removal or completion of shaved bay.
Cosmetic bodywork.


Details of car...

2.8 vr6 12v
02a gearbox.
Full refurbished subframe, powder coated and replaced anti-roll bar, poly bushed, track rod ends and ball joints.
Fully adjustable (dampening and rebound) ap racing coilovers
Full power flow stainless steel exhaust
6 branch stainless manifold (req weld)
MK3 vr6 fuel tank with pump.
G60 brake calipers, brake booster/master cylinder
Genuine original GTI interior
Genuine G60 wide arches
Tilt and open sunroof (OEM not aftermarket cut in)
280mm MOMO steering wheel and boss
Red/clear brake lights
Crystal lights / indicators
All seals and window rubbers with original glass intact only windscreen was cracked before removal.
All carpets (black in colour) are in good condition and stored inside since removal. Folder of ££££££ receipts.


Additional if price met...

Audi TT gearbox shifter tower and R32 selector to give 10-15% throw reduction and tighter selector (no play).
MK1 style alloy rocker cover and gasket kit (perfect to polish instead of black plastic one)
Additional poly bushes for rear of car
Various parts such as CV boots, bolts, gaskets ect...
Corrado hydraulic clutch set up with pedal box, slave and master cylinders.
2x rear glass one with and one without GTi spoiler
Spare outer door handles (chrome and original)
Spare front indicators
3x grills (single light de-badged with eyebrow, single light badged and original with genuine original inner Hella lamps)
Spare front wings
2x Recaro front seats same model slightly different trim I planned on re-trimming to suit car.

There will be more but for the life of me cannot remember. 

parts boxed up and identified in plastic containers so been kept dry.


It kills me to do so but I would let go with everything above for £2500 and a promise not to break and part out haha.
(Was done over on my genuine and original G60 corrado new owner in my eyes should have been done with vandalism!! )


DSC00658 copy.JPG












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