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How do I find out which ecu I need?


Fitting a vr6 in a mk1, missing the ecu.

How do find out which ecu to source?

Engine is an obd1 with coil pack, mayb a 1994? 


I think I need 

021 906 258 AF


But that's an educated guess.

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Some variations of the engine electronics have big differences. For example, some have a six-pin MAF sensor, where later systems have a 4-pin MAF. So there could be loads of incompatibilities if you are to mix and match.


If you just have the engine currently, I would recommend getting all the wiring, ECU and sensors from one car. Maybe as late a car as you can - the last of the MK3's was near OBD2 compliant and would fit the engine as-is. You would then get a better/faster ECU, too. You can even get the immobiliser transponder on the key (or have it mapped off at a cost).


If you have everything apart from the ECU, your part number seems correct for a 1994 Golf: control unit for fully elec- tronic ignition; lam... - Golf(GO) [EUROPA 1994 year] (7zap.com)

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Thanks for the reply.


No way to id my engine?


Might have to as you say, source a full loom and ecu, mayb buy a full car?

Didn't really want to go down that route.

Seams a waste, won't use any of the car really.




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