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I just recently picked up a 2009 vw cc with the vr6 24 valve engine. it was throwing some timing and camshaft position sensor codes. The HPFP and cam sensors both looked brand new, so i hooked it up to vcds and the timing was saying -0.11 so i assumed the timing was bad. ordered a complete timing chain kit that included everything. went ahead and changed the entire setup and double and triple checked the timing and all appeared good (not my first time doing it). Finished it all up and is still throwing codes p2296 (vcds 008854), P0343 (vcds 000835), p0366 (vcds 000870), and p0017 (vcds 000023). Any ideas what it could be or what I should look at or into first? The car runs and idles extremely smooth and no miss-fires. It does crank for an extended time before starting as well I have noticed. Any help or recommendations are greatly appreciated

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You have an interesting problem there.


The first three codes hint at wiring problems, as you've done the mechanical timing. I can't find your last code.

18728/P2296/008854 - Ross-Tech Wiki Fuel pressure regulator and wiring/connector.

16727/P0343/000835 - Ross-Tech Wiki Camshaft position sensor and wiring/connector.

P0366 - Ross-Tech Wiki Other camshaft position sensor and wiring/connector.


Maybe swap over the camshaft sensors, clear the codes and see if the error follows the sensor?

P0366 mentions something about the Camshaft adjusters binding - could this be an issue?


Have fun

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