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Audi S3 owner with a VR6 swap

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Hi everyone... hopefully my being here is ok as my VR6 ownership is not as pure as others :)


Little bit of background... I have owned my 2001 Audi S3 8L for nearly 13 years and in that time she has evolved a little bit from a cheeky map to a full build of the 20v engine and now a 3.2 VR6...


About 8 years ago I rebuilt the 20v into a 2ltr stroker on a GT3582r... after a little bit of tweaking and running a fairly new to market ECU called Ignitron I eventually ended up with 620hp and 440ftlbs... I also managed to keep the engine bay pretty OE looking...



Unfortunately one of the H beam rods decided to make a break for freedom and rather than rebuild another expensive 20v I decided to swap out to a VR instead




Due to Covid and other reasons I have not had much chance to do anything else to her but the engine has been built ready to turbocharge and I have most of the parts to sort that out (reusing my old GT3582r)... I don't plan to go silly with boost as I am over the whole power thing thanks to the 20v and just want a reliable cruiser in a car I love...


I will piece together a build thread soon going through what I did to get the engine in there.... hoping to get the turbo on pretty soon too but will have a few questions about that and once the turbo is done and I have tuned the engine to where I want it then I plan to fit a DSG box



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