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corrado vr6 1995 temp guage problem

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temp guage is not working on my corrado 1995. it has 3 sensors, yellow 4 pin, blue 2 pin, black 2 pin.
from what i gather, correct me if im wrong its the blue white wire on the yellow 4 pin connector i need to be looking at?
thers no votage on the blue white wire, i assume if it had voltage and was grounded temp should show max? similar to the fuel level sender.

is there a dedicated fuse for this circuit? i looked at cluster whires but they are all white so makes it hard to isolate a wire problem.

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You are correct - it is the blue wire on the yellow sender. The Black sender is to tell the ECU the temperature.


These sensors vary their resistance according to temperature - when cold there will be a big resistance, when hot there will be a low resistance.

Guage and Instrument Testing with Special Tool VW 1301 (bentleypublishers.com)


To prove the gauge works, short pins 2 and 3 on the yellow connector with a paper clip (or similar) and see if the gauge indicates full hot.


Once the gauge works, check the resistance across pins 2 and 3 of the yellow sensor when the engine is cold and again when the engine is warm and see if there is any difference. There won't be 12volts across it.



Have fun!

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