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Replaced head gasket recently, while running engine for the first time a coolant leak developed and I just can't pin where it's coming from.


the coolant is dripping from the bottom of the oil cooler and gets faster when the engine is running. I have replaced the crack pipe, oil cooler, hoses and seals.


there is a sensor just above the oil cooler. Could that be the source?


any help appreciated

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Hey mate. 

logic thing is that it’s crack pipe. Or the hoses are not fully tightened up. Check thermostat housing as they generally warp and never seal back properly. If you put some coolant in it should dry pink and may help you identify where it’s coming from easier ?


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After having my grey VR apart to do the crack pipe after changing the oil cooler that was putting oil into the coolant, I ended up changing all the housings onto the head because I was just chasing new leaks - in the end the thermostat elbow, sensor housing and crack pipe elbow and all o-ring seals - there were fine little cracks that were allowing coolant to get past the head o-ring 2 - and also the new crack pipe top o-ring into 19 had a little cut in it when donkey here assembled it all up. Those plastics warp and are generally not so good if original. The head o-ring 2 in the pic will run down to the knock sensor boss, certainly mine did. There's a few sellers of the full set on ebay . . .


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Thanks for the replies.  Think I have ruled out knock sensor as it's on left of oil cooler and leak is down right side of oil cooler.


I will try to get some photos with an inspection camera tomorrow. Autobox hasn't been touched for over 10 years so don't think that is the issue


Am on my 3rd thermostat housing so that should be in good condition. Will remove again and have a closer look as I don't know how leak is being channelled to bottom of oil cooler.


Biggest fear is a cracked head/block




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