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Just removed the oil cooler and noticed that the hoses were fitted the opposite to what is shown on VW parts catalogue and possibly the Bentley manual (not clear).


Can anyone confirm the correct orientation or whether it matters? The hose to the crackpipe was fitted on the left (from front) whereas on the parts diagram it was on the right

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No worries, the part numbers are TB0580 and TB0581 if you ever changed your mind and only came to around £24 when I got them back then.


Just get some rolled / rounded edge jubilee clips unless you have a brand new spring clips as they never go back on properly and more than likely will leak. 


If you've had crack pipe off etc… then first fill your engine with just water and check for leaks before putting coolant in - all too often you see leaks where the block has not been cleaned up properly :) 





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Thank you. Useful info. Just done the head gasket and got everything back together. Engine ran ok for around 10 mins and then developed a coolant leak in the oil cooler area (leaking faster when engine running). Have removed oil cooler and crackpipe but can't see anything obvious. Have got new crackpipe, hoses & cooler to fit and just hoping that will sort problem.

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