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SOLD . . 94 Early 3 door VR6 for sale, Low Mileage!

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It's a difficult decision this, but I've decided to sell my early VR6.


It's a 1994 ODB1 coilpack car, so it benefits from twin airbags (so airbag 4 spoke steering wheel) and the later BBS alloys. Windsor blue metallic, Mauritius blue interior trim, all in really good order - even the driver's seat. Headlining good with no signs of dropping - this is the early bluey grey headlining material like a mk2 golf. Sunroof, that works fully. NOS Carpet mats, leather wheel, gearlever and handbrake cover all original and in very good condition. Original Sony XR-5701RDS head unit. It does not have aircon.


Only 62,000 miles from new, with pretty well all history and invoices over that period since new in May '94.


This car has never been welded, and does not need any! Hasn't had replacement wings (or wing bottoms), and has none of the usual corrosion issues that Mk3's suffer from, not even a scabbed paint chip. Wheelarches under the arch trims are perfect.


I'ts never been a smokers car, so no burns, ashtrays and lighter unused.


This car was off the road stored for some years as can be seen by the MOT history, and as a London car most of it's life with a titled (Sir) owner for it's early years meaning no expense was spared then (number plates from that 2nd supplying dealer with car). . . . but years of storage meant: new Continental tyres (x4) and refurbished wheels with new genuine BBS centre caps, new shocks all round: inserts at front, and shocks at rear - and these are with the original springs for the right (high lol) ride height. New calipers all round, new caliper carriers all round (still on 280mm front), new flexi hoses x6 all round, new brake discs all round and rear bearings. It also meant the brake master cylinder was replaced, along with the ABS valve block to get the brakes to release fully - they were holding on slightly due to the lack of brake fluid changes and time in storage. Replacement main radiator, crack pipe, thermostat and all plastic coolant housings, plus a few hoses. New battery, and still has the original battery nappy. Rebushed gear lever linkages and replacement relay lever on the gearbox tower. All fluids and filters replaced, along with the spark plugs, coilpack (usual crack) and leads - so all serviced and reliable. It still has it's original air filter box (undrilled too) and VW exhaust system.


Loads of detail bits replaced, like the floor mats (proper matching blue OEM ones), speaker covers, door handle seals, aeriel mast and gasket, parcel shelf straps, seat runners.


As a London based car in early life there are a couple of car park dents on it, I've been meaning to get a dentmaster type guy to look at it but don't know any good ones any more! Only one has broken paint that has been touched in.


It has Normand Continental dealer plates fitted as the supplying VAG dealer when new. The book pack is all there with the original service book stamped up to 33k / 2006 when with the titled (2nd) owner, 1st owner was Holland Park Leasing in London for a year. I'm the 4th owner. There are also the brochures and accessories booklet for that model year.


Any questions, pm me, any other pics (I have lots), pm me, any requests to view, pm me also. I'm asking 4k for the car - it owes me much much more, and is probably the next best choice to a Highline 3 door with the early build date but twin airbag / OBD1 coilpack and BBS wheels combination, with low owners / mileage and nil corrosion.


Car is located in the North of Birmingham close to M6 / M5 junctions.






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There are a few over priced Vr's lately. Some immaculate ones i would pay up to 5k for but im talking about sheds that people are selling for over 3k with 160k miles. I wonder what mine would fetch once iv done all the welding jobs so zero rust, fresh paint and more or less close to standard with the exception of a few subtle mods and low'ish miles.

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That's some good body repair work on yours Harry, my grey N reg needs a few bits doing really - although appears reasonable, MOT time this month so will see just what it needs no doubt - that's been a bit of a money pit, plus it's previously recorded as I've just found out, so not worth much, not that it matters I suppose. I might just get rid and wait for a good late 5 door non Highline. The GTi will most probably go this year too, especially as for the New Year I'm out of work! That's only done 62k but is a lowly 8v.


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