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Upgraded mk3 vr6 12v downpipe?

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Hello Gals & Guys, 


Hope all are good. 


I have read somewhere but can't seem to find it back, is there any downpipe that improves the original inal on the mk3 12v VR6? 

I think I read the TT mk1 downpipe is an improvement, is this so? 


Any other that is an improvement? 



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Hi, I've copied the parts listing images for you, VR6 twin downpipe, TT early single downpipe to twin cats, so it's a sort of opposite to what you need, so can't fit, and bolts up to a turbo. The 3.2 TT does have a twin downpipe to twin cats and centre pipe, so might fit? They must be similar to V6 4mo Golf IV although I don't think the pic shows the downpipe properly. There must be bits around from breaker V6TT to try . . . .

1.8T quattro TT.png

6 cyl TT.png

Good old VR6.png

Golf 4 4mo.png

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