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OBDII VR6 down on power in the lower revs

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Hi All, 


I am new to the VR6 world and am trying to sort my project VR6 out. The car seems to be a little hesitant down lown in the rpm and is a little jittery on the pedal. I scanned it with VCDS free version and it continuously throws the codes below. Does this sound similar to anyone of you who have had a similar problem?


00525 - o2 sensor 03-10

00515 - Cam position sensor 30-00

00513 - Engine speed sensor 03-00 (car was turned off - this will show if the car is off correct?)


Any help would be appreciated as these parts cost a lot. I checked wiring at the plug for cam sensor and it looks good. I also hear vacuum leaks are common. Where are the most common places?

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You are correct about the engine speed sensor:

http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/00513 - see Special Notes


Your cause is probably the O2 sensor:


This is where you should start investigating. You may need to clean it?


Then check the Camshaft position sensor:



Good luck!

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